Thursday, September 5, 2013

Couple New Achievements on Tyle

There  was an article last week on WoWInsider about a GuildOx feature that sorts the pets and mounts you still have to collect from easiest to hardest. So I just had to go take a look. I was really surprised when the top mount on my list was an Onyx Cloud Serpent. I couldn't remember which mount that was. A quick WoWHead search and I learnt that this mount was a QUEST reward! How had I missed that? Starts with the Shado-Pan.. oh.. that's how. I can't remember when I last did a Shado-Pan daily. I leveled that rep though farming. But it was a pretty quick quest and definitely worth seeing and completing it gets you an achievement ...
and a cool mount. It looks really cool but I just can't bring myself to actually use a cloud serpent as a mount.

The other achievements I'm a bit surprised I was able to get on the same day.  Tuesday I only needed two more runestones and I'd be able to complete another part of Wrathion's quest. And I couldn't believe that it dropped off the first two lfr bosses I'd killed. So I immediately went to find Wrathion and turn in the quest. I then had to get Lei Shen's heart. I wanted a fast que so I actually tanked an lfr. But I finally completed the third part!

I haven't done much reading about what I was expected to accomplish next. I was expecting something that would take another couple of weeks. I was surprised to realize I just needed to go talk to the Celestials and complete one challenge. 
I was a bit uncertain about if I should complete the tiger or the ox's challenge. But I figured I'm in my tanking gear, the cloak I want is tanking so I was going to tank.
I might have squealed like a little girl at a Bierber concert when I saw that I was going to be tanking Deathwing! It was a really cool fight, having to taunt deathwing, interrupt (when I remembered, I was awful at that part), avoid stuff (again, I was awful, I realized it didn't hurt much and just didn't move), and prevent stuff from hitting Wrathion. I messed up the first attempt when it was really close but I got it on the second.
New tanking cloak! I was a little sad that I couldn't have both the tanking and dps one at the same time. But it's still really cool to actually be ready to work on the next part of the questline for the new patch.
The last achievement comes from the raid. We somehow managed to get From Dusk 'til Dawn. I'm not sure what is required to get it but it's pretty cool to  have gotten another one.


  1. Gratz on the achieves. Especially the legendary :)

    1. Thanks! I'm really glad to have gotten that achievement

  2. Top 12 mounts that I have not yet collected ... the Pandaren turtles. Man, I am a slacker.