Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Radar update

I was able to bring Radar home from the vets today. It's amazing how fast he became sick and how quickly he was able to recover.

He had a blocked urinary tract and so he had a catheter inserted. He was then left at the vets overnight. They decided to keep him for another day and gave him an IV so they could give him lots of fluids and try to flush any toxins out of his system.

When I picked him up the assistant said Radar seemed fine but he was really quiet and hadn't been moving around much. They removed the drape from his kennel and opened the door. As soon as Radar realized I was there he was up and crying. The assistant laughed and said it sounded like he was crying because he was ready to go home.

He's been home for a few hours now. He helped me raid tonight. He's being a lot more clingy then usual but I expected that. He hasn't seen me for two days and he probably thought the vets were torturing him. And it's really no hardship to have a happy cat cuddling with me. Well... almost. He's a little leaky right now. He should be better soon but I'm really going to have to watch were he's sitting and try to keep a towel under him. And carrying around pet cleaner... just in case. So he's going to have to spend a few nights in the carrier. I need to know where he's going to be so I can clean up after him and that's hard to do at night when I should be sleeping.

I'm feeling a lot less stressed with Radar home. He's looking so much better it's hard to believe that two days ago he was absolutely miserable. Until I see his shaved front legs XD Those just look silly. Now I just have to hope he stays in good shape. It's an absolute misery having him away from home for so long.


  1. Yay!!!

    Glad to hear he is back and doing better!

  2. Oh great! I'm so glad to hear he's home and in recovery!

  3. That is so good he's home, leaky and all :) As I'm typing this I have my miss needy furball sitting on my lap so I'm going to give her a cuddle of joy that Radar is home to sit on your lap :)

    1. aww! There's nothing like a needy furball in need of a cuddle