Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wowscreenshotaday days 28-31

I'm such a slacker. Not only am I'm waiting until the last minute but I've been taking them in batches. I'll have to try better in September.

28. Corridor
Nexus! The land of the amazing corridors. Hardest part was choosing which one to submit.

29. Lucky
Lucky Quilen Cub and two role models for him

30. Cluttered
The dead scar is just cluttered with rib cages and skulls. At least.. I like to think those are rib cages. For all I know it's just dead grass. But I like to think it's rib cages because it's just that much creepier. 

31. Dangerous
If you're a mob beware! This death knight is dangerous!

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