Monday, August 26, 2013

Final Fantasy 14

I found them! Those sneaky Final Fantasy screenshots go into a location that I wasn't really expecting. Thank goodness for the power of google. It knows all :)

First is a shot from beta
This would be Zug trying to show me around and teach me how to play. I'm a cat-person! I originally picked some caster class but for this run I made a lancer. It was fun. You go up to mobs and smack them. I understand that part. Anyway, Zug moves pretty fast but he let me on to the secret which is this ability called sprint. Which is one of my first abilities. My first attempt had me running into a tree. Why did he recruit me again? Fine, it's a new game. I know WoW really well now and I'm back to being a newb.

Saturday the early release allowed players who had preordered to get a start on playing. I made another lancer. What? Vorpal Thurst! It makes me feel like I'm going to slay a jabberwokkey! Although that was with a sword that went snicky snack or something but most definitely not a lance.

So here's my meager collection of screenshots of my cat Tyle. I'm awful with names. I called her Tyle Katze. Basically it's just Tyle cat. It just looks cooler in German. Names... I suppose it could be worse. I saw someone named Justin Bieber. Anyway, I wish the game had a random name generator. How else can I come up with one name let alone two?


  1. did anyone get you an invite to the linkshell Ty?

    1. Yeah, Zug got me invited. He's also been monitoring my wow time and comes over every now and then to ask why I'm playing wow and not ff XD