Friday, August 16, 2013

My current transmogs

I used to have a lot of trouble coming up with sets for my death knight to wear. I still have trouble but I've finally settled on a few sets that I would really like to gather for her. It's hard to find the right blend of gorgeous and bad-ass. Especially for a plate wearer that doesn't want eye-popping color or lots of skin.

I had reached a point where I could no longer ignore just how awful my dk was looking. She had one of the mouth belts. Eww... I really don't like the current dk teir. All those mouths. Ick. So I decided to create some mogs. This was one of my first attempts.

I really like this look. I had started with the kilt because I love plate kilts. I really wish there were more of them. I hadn't come up with any ideas for the starting area dk one because I had a really hard time finding chest pieces that would flow together with it like they belonged. I thought this one was one of the best examples I could find. The shoulders added dk toughness and I was really pleased with the final result. Then I realized I had everything but the shoulders! I found some that I thought would work alright and went to transmog my frost set to it. Then I picked up some new shoulders in the raid.

I really liked how they looked so I left them alone. I also had new gloves from a scenario and I felt they worked well unmogged as well. I was really happy that this axe model worked with my transmog since I really, really like the look of it.

When I finally picked up two one-handed weapons it was time to retire the axe and find something new. I went with really bright blue swords from Naxx 25. I still can't believe I got it on the first try. So here we are at my current transmog. I'm really rather happy with it.

Since I was mogging my frost set I felt I should come up with something for my blood set. That was harder. I tried several different things but nothing was working. Then I realized I had some dark purple armor that went well under the Cloud Serpent tabard.

Add in some green and the Lei Shen lfr axe and it was a decent look. I was alright with the look but I wasn't as trilled with it as my frost set. So I tried to come up with something else
I liked this look but lfr was being stingy with those pants.
So I came up with another variation of the outfit. With another pair of difficult pants.
So I tried to create the look using a pair of pants I actually knew I could get. But It's not looking as good as the rest. I feel like I'm going backwards. So it's time to start all over again. This time I looked though my voidstorage and tried to get pieces that went together.

I came up with this look. I started with Askandi, greatsword of the brotherhood, moved to the shoulders and chestpiece and the outfit just flew from there. It's actually very similar to something I had come up with for my human dk. The only change is using the dk kilt instead of Uld 25 pink pants and different gloves. But it's a nice look and I would only need to track down the boots and the belt. So I went to go kill Twin Emperors.

This is what I'm currently using. the belt was a quest reward that I knew I could get. The boots were a surprise. I had a grey pair that I had planned to use until I could get the pink ones but they were so bright I couldn't keep using them. So I wanted to see what boots I actually had. I was surprised that they were black and pink! I like them much better then my original choice. The pink is more of a surprise on her feet.

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