Monday, August 26, 2013

Slow Leveling Lancer in Final Fantasy

More Final Fantasy!

Was actually able to get on today and get some extended time in the game without servers crashing. But that didn't really make my leveling go any faster. I'm positive I shall be the last person to reach max level in our linkshell. It's been three days and I've level 12. Others are in the twenties. Oh well. Maybe I should stop worrying about leveling and just enjoy the game.

Here's some more screenshots. I looked up how to remove the ui for screenshots in the game and it says to push scroll lock. Hmm... I can't seem to find that button on my keyboard. So I googled it. Something about how it's more for old keyboards. Crud. I just bought a new keyboard and sure enough the location for the scroll lock key isn't there. I also don't have it on my laptop. Guess I'll have to make do with screenshots showing my ui for now.

As soon as I logged in I saw a bunch of people running around with these little cat pets. And I've got mail! The preorder bonuses are here!

I'm not wearing the hat. It says it'll only boost xp if  you're under level 10. Since I was already at level 10 I figured I'd keep my viking hat. But thinking about hats made me wonder if I could turn my hat off.

There we go! Much better! No more viking pot hat. At least for looks. Anyway, having figured all that out I returned to questing. I had a quest from the lancer's guild that I figured I should try and finish up. I required finding some rock called the stone of courage. I keep wanting to call it the tri-force. Anyway, I found it but apparently some jerk had already taken the stone and hid it somewhere else. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to find where he had hidden it. Anyway, made it back to the lancer's guild and I learnt that I could start learning other classes. I was told it was up to me if I really wanted to learn another but I would need specific level 30 and level 15 classes if I wanted a job. Hmm... So to be a dragoon, which is melee, I would need to be a level 30 lancer and 15 marauder. Marauder's guild is in another city. I have no idea how to get there. I did a look on google and it said something about west and that by traveling on the roads you won't be killed. So I headed west.

And I went from a forest to Northrend. I mean... I have no idea where I'm at. But I don't think I should be here. At least not according to that high level mob in the background. But since I'm already here I'm going to keep exploring areas and getting more stuff on my map.

This place looks so cool! I still have no idea where I'm at but it looks awesome!

I also found a few towns or settlements or whatever they're called. They had these bird people that I think act like flight masters. They require that you find the different ones you want to go to so they're kinda like flight masters. It costs a small fee but the coco...birds things take you pretty quickly from place to place.

I eventually found a stretch of road with really high level monsters that didn't ignore me because I was on the road. I died. And found myself rezzing back in my starting zone. No corpse walking I guess. I guess there must be a way to change the location of where you rez. Anyway, I figured since I was back where I belong I'd worry about finding another class later. I'm going to level. I reached level 12... I think I need to find a new area to quest in. I feel like I'm attacking mobs that are levels below me and there aren't many quests to do at one time. Since I was getting restless I figured it was time to stop and go do something else. But I did get one more screenshot before calling it quits.

It's a pony! Actually a unicorn but I didn't get the horn. I was pretty excited but then I saw it. She's sitting sideways! Why? She's gonna fall off! That's not how you sit on a horse! No one rides a horse sideways!

There is this invention called a sidesaddle that requires the rider to hook one leg over the saddle and have both legs hanging down the same side
Photo from Red River Station
But as you can see she is not sitting sideways! Her torso is facing forwards and is not twisted like the sideways sitting person in the screenshot.

And here's an illustration just to show you again what I mean
Image from wikipedia
The girl in the screenshot will fall off as soon as that horse takes a step! It's insane! Who in their right minds would ride a horse bareback sideways! Crud. I have a female toon. Looks like I'm not going to try to find a pony because it would drive me insane.


  1. Nice SS Ty! Yeah take your time's such a pretty game, even I am not space baring everything! I should post more SS...I am actually remembering to take them lol. Unicorn mounts eh.... lol. I know Sorak will get that! (whm class mount) although once it is unlocked all jobs can use it. All jobs will have a mount apparently.

    1. I take a lot of SS because I feel so lost and have no idea what I should be doing. But I'll be taking lots of time to level because I have a really hard time getting into the game. I keep getting the message that the world is full.