Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week - Druid

Another week showing off my naming creativity. All 4 of my druids are named Arita. Two are spelled Arita and two are spelled Aritâ because my original spelling was already taken.

1. Aritâ of Korgath
This is my very first toon. And she was my main until I realized just how much I had messed her up while leveling around level 40. Then  I created and played several new toons before settling on a rogue as my new main. There were times I was very tempted to delete Arita. But she was still very special to me and I held onto her. It worked well when my rogue reached level 40 because I realized if I wanted to run dungeons the best way was as a healer. So I would quest on my rogue and keep an eye out for groups forming and would let them know I would come heal on my druid but I wanted to keep questing until they got the rest of the group. It was though this way that Arita managed to keep pretty close in level to Ursa, my rogue. This continued until I reached Outlands where it dawned on me that I would level much faster if I would focus on one toon. Since my rogue was actually able to hold onto gold and had managed the purchase of a mount and riding training she seemed like the best bet to focus on. Ursa hit level 70 the week before Wrath was released. There wasn't much to do as a fresh level 70 at that time so I spent a week leveling Arita. She was able to get to level 68 when the new expansion was released. So I was back on my main and leveling. Ursa quickly hit 80 and I started doing dungeons with my guild. But the guild really needed more healers rather than dps. So I volunteered to make the switch and somehow leveled poor Arita to 80. She did not have any mount training and I spent a lot of time running to cities to respec her to heals for dungeons and then feral for questing. I soon gave that up and started questing as a resto druid. I was really relieved when she managed to hit 80. When I first heard about dual-spec I was really excited. I made Arita save gold until she had the thousand gold needed to purchase it when the patch came. She still didn't have flying but she had two specs! I knew I wanted Arita to be a feral druid but quickly realized I had no idea how to play as a feral. But I had a friend who was leveling a healer and she got me to come tank the normal versions of all the Northrend dungeons. It was pretty fun. And how I got introduced to tanking. I soon became a bear/tree which worked alright for a bit. I was in a great guild with good friends but soon our main tank decided to quit the game and the guild disbanded without him. I quickly realized that not having a dps spec made me unsellable. So I changed to feral/feral and learned how to be a kitty. I really enjoyed those specs and that's what Arita was until the end of Cata. When the pre-Mists patch hit I was unimpressed with the changes to bear tanking. I liked that it was moved out of the feral spec but felt like I was left with nothing to do for quite a lot of time. So I decided to switch her spec to feral/resto. I tried boomkin for a bit but I was really awful at it. I went back to feral. But I was starting to feel pretty unsatisfied with my druid. I was just tired of playing feral. So I decided I would admit defeat and made my death knight my main. But I knew Arita would be my second 90. I wasn't feeling much like leveling again so I took her out to look for herbs and archaeology. And dungeons. This lasted until level 83 when I finally decided to start questing again. As a resto druid. It was slow but I had fun. She's still spending an awful lot of time in her resto spec. It feels both familiar and odd for her to be a resto druid. She's been pretty much retired recently. I take her out for screenshots and an occasional dungeon and she's pretty happy with that. I briefly considered moving her to my new server but throughout all the years and a server change her appearance has always been the same. So I realized she was happiest left to putter about as her night elf self then if I was to change her into a tauren or troll.

2. Arita of Aegwynn
Aritâ of Korgath started out on the server Aegwynn. When I transfered servers I made another Arita to hold my name. In case I went back or tried to contact old friends or something. I didn't really expect to level her. But I spent Cata doing a lot of leveling. I wasn't raiding and there's only so much you can do at end game if you're not raiding. So I leveled. And I decided I would level my Aegwynn Arita and level her properly. As a feral druid. I wasn't messing around with other specs and I didn't want to do dungeons. I just wanted to hide out and quest. I did a quick look and Arita has done one dungeon but she's also got a lot of quest zones complete. She's level 42. I don't feel much like leveling her now that everyone who's on my battle tag can find me. She's a toon that I used to like to hide on. Now I can't really hide. And I have Hordies to level. But she's patiently waiting for the day when she can go back to her quests.

3. Arita of Dunemaul
My tauren Arita was made so I could play with some old friends who were Horde and on the Dunemaul server. It was just before the announcement that trolls would get to become druids. I was very tempted to reroll Arita as a troll but I wanted a druid now not months later. So I kept leveling her. My friends eventually quit the game so I was left with a horde druid on a server with no one that I knew. I eventually pushed her to level 85 but neglected her until I needed a horde toon for laid-back raids. Arita has had to suffer my many attempts to try different specs. She's spent time leveling in all four specs. She's currently feral/resto and sits quietly in Orgrimmar just in case her friends come back. 

4. Aritâ of Drak'Tharon
My newest druid. She's only level 12. There's a bunch of toons that I would like to get leveled before her. She's pretty far down my list. But it is druid week so I think I'm going to push to get her to level 15. Then she'll be at just the right level for dungeon finder when it's finally her turn to be leveled.

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