Thursday, August 29, 2013

Leveling and Achievements in WoW

I've started to think that focusing on one class to the exclusion of all else isn't the way I really like leveling. I'm sure I'll still focus on one over another but I decided to set some smaller leveling goals to try and get some rested xp on my toons.

First up - Druid
It's druid week! And I decided to get my druid up to level 15 so that she can start enjoying the dungeon finder. It was only 3 levels but they are 3 really difficult levels for me to get. I have at least three toons sitting at level 12 because I really don't want to do the quests to reach dungeon finder. Ah well.

I've already picked my spec, which is feral, so I just needed to go head out and quest. One of the quests requires that you haul in a goblin that has been turned to stone. You can't pick one up as a kitty so I finished up the other quests in the area before picking up a goblin that was close to the exit.
I was really starting to have fun with my druid. I even took her into a battleground. It didn't end well. But it was still fun. I'm thinking I'm going to have to do what I can to deck her out and start running some more at level 16 when she gets travel form. 
I'm also debating whether I should change her to guardian and try tanking dungeons. I've seen a few troll bears and I think that the green and blue combo is one of the prettier ones. And I might decide I like guardian better if I see it from the ground up.

Second - Monk
I've been wanting to get my monk off the Wandering Isle and into Orgrimmar so that she can get a haircut. I keep thinking of that style as Awoi's hair. And I really wanted off the Wandering Isle.

She's now level 12 and has quite a few heirlooms. My death knight had to cough up the jp and gold to purchase the shoulders, helm, and pants. The shaman has the agility cloak boa equipped and I was not buying another one. No matter how much whining I could hear from the monk. I'm also trying to ignore my druid who feels that she should be the one decked out in boa glory.

Since Tyle shelled out so much to outfit my alts I decided to see if I could push her further though the ranks of the Brawler's guild. I needed just one fight to get to rank 8 and get a cool title. The fight was pretty easy although the first time I blew it because I thought I needed to avoid all the crap being thrown around not collect it for a dps buff. After realizing my mistake the second round went pretty well. I'm now Brawler Tyle!


  1. Whee so many cheeves and alts! Alts blurk! But achieves yay! :D

    1. One of those alts is a tauren and another is a druid, if that makes it more acceptable to you. But achieves are always good. It just gets messy when you have all these alts who want all these achievements and just one having it isn't enough.

  2. Wow your druids bear-form tusks are very impressive!! Gratz on the achieves too :)

    1. She does look pretty impressive. And thank you!