Sunday, August 11, 2013

Green 'Lock Fire Part 2

Green fire!!!!

After the break is the second part of the great warlock saga

Having finished reading the journal it's time to head to Outlands to try and find all the shards of Jubeka's soulstone and to see some of her memories played out.
The first shard is located in Hellfire where the imps play. Then it's a trip north to Netherstorm to find the next shard and to watch the first memory.

After watching Jubeka's memory it was time to find another shard and watch another memory.

That was interesting. I didn't know that demons once served the Titans. Now it was time to find the last shard and view the last memory in Shadowmoon Valley.
After finding the last shards and watching all the memories you're given your next quest.

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