Monday, August 26, 2013

What I've been up to when not raiding

It's been quite awhile since I've made a post to talk about what I've been up to when I haven't been raiding. The last one I had was when I was first leveling my hunter Awoi back in July.

First off I made a shaman to level named Kirkzel. I'm using new names for my new alts instead of old ones. It's probably a good thing for the shaman. My draenei one was called Mnementh. Just try and say it. I dare you. Anyway, Kirkzel is much easier to pronounce, although I realized her named gets shortened to Kirk in my head. Which makes me think of Star Trek. hmm.... I've think Zelkirk would be a better name but I didn't come up with it until she was level 50ish. A bit late to restart her. Well... I could still restart her. But I'm starting to like calling her Kirk. And killing her with Felreavers.

Anyway, I made Kirk so that I could have a max level Horde healer. I started her as elemental and resto and leveled though a lot of dungeon finders. I don't know how I ever leveled a toon before dungeon finder. I'm pretty happy just sitting in Org or Stormwind just waiting for a que. But I have to start taking them out into the world when they reach level 58. I quickly realized that I still really hate being a caster. I can do it. I have a warlock. I can cast. But I knew I wanted to be enhancement so when I reached Northrend I switched.

I've been really happy with it. She still needs weapons. And gear that doesn't have intellect on it. But that doesn't stop her from being a wreckingball of pain. When she was still level 69 and out questing a level 74 Alliance death knight tried to gank Kirk. I think I shocked him when not only did I survive the initial assault but that I then dropped totems and began to tear him apart. I oomed myself casting heals but he died! And I stayed around to kill him once again when he rezed. What? If you go around trying to gank lowbies you deserve whatever pain I can dish out.

While leveling Kirk has been fun I've been feeling a call to level my hunter. Awhile back I had made a list of some of the pets I would love to get on my Alliance hunter. Since I'm now focused on being the best Hordie I can be, which to me means having a ton of horde alts, I figure my worgen hunter will sit at level 69 for quite some time. But that just meant that instead of collecting those pets on my worgen I would be collecting them on Awoi. And one of the pets I really wanted was a lightening worg.
picture from
To get a lightening worg a hunter has to be level 90. These wolves are found in the Vale of Eternal Springs. Which is going to be blown up in the next patch. While I don't know that this pet will be gone I figured I'd better be safe then sorry and since my hunter was sitting at level 73 I thought she could put in a good push to get to 90. Which I managed to do this week!
What's this? I thought I already had 5 90s? Let's see... death knight, druid, paladin, warlock, death knight... see 5! Oh! Wait! 2 death knights. Hmmm... So the hunter puts me at 6 90s and 5 classes, half of which are less then six months old. I think I just like leveling too much XD

Anyway, I got Awoi her lightening wolf and named it Blitz.
I've also settled on Awoi's look. I won't be messing with her haircut anymore although I could change the color in her hair. But I'll be leaving her as a black panda instead of a red one. Now I just have to get her a good looking mog. Anyway, getting the wolf wasn't enough. I had to get Awoi geared to run lfr. Why? I don't know, I just do. But she ran scenarios
Look! I'm a goblin! I really want a monk to run that scenario on. For a brief shiny moment there will be goblin monks. I ran enough dungeons and scenarios to get rather sick of them. I also took Awoi to the Barrens to start the weekly and pick up the ilvl 502 boots.
I originally started with buying her gear from the jp vendor and forgot that in Org I could turn her jp into honor which I could use to buy much better rewards. I did remember in time to get her a pair of gloves. With that and a purchase of the vp Klaxxi belt and upgrading a trinket she got from the dungeon finder she was at an ilvl of 460. Exactly. Time to hit lfr! She picked up a new chestpiece ...aaaaaaannnnnnnndddd a belt... damnit. It was too late to return the Klaxxi one so there wasn't much to do but laugh at how predictably that turned out. I just knew it was going to happen. Ah well. All that's left is to finish the Barren's weekly and get a piece of gear... ugh, Barrens. Ewww.... maybe I'll go level something. 

Like my priestly shadow cow Serna who's level 12
Or this level 8 monk named Lemissa. I love that name, it's an anagram of my real name. My Missy needs a new haircut! That's Awoi's hair! Which I can't change until she finally gets off the Wandering Isle. Anyone else think it's unfair that the pandas start out with white quality gear? When goblins and worgen leave their starting areas they have green and even one blue piece. The other starting zones give you green gear as well. So why don't they have any on the Wandering Isle?
Or I could do stuff on Tyle. Like achievements. I look like such a slacker in the guild. Not even 5000 achievements showing on the guild roster. I know I have 13,000 but poor Tyle is still new and is lacking in achievements. But she did get a nice new one recently.
I've finally finished all the cooking stuff! For the first time on any toon! Go Tyle! Now let's go get those other cooking achievements...No? What do you mean, no? It's not that bad... fine! I'll go level a healer!

Oh, wait... that's right. There's this new game I'm supposed to be leveling in. It's called Final Fantasy something or other. Some people are pretty excited about it. I get to be a cat person so I'm happy. Ish. Managed to get to level 10 as a lancer. I've run out of the quests that Zug showed me how to do. Now I'm trying to figure out how to read the map. But that's when I get to play. I swear it's got some kind of radar. Soon as I get in and try to level the servers come down. And I'm not even going to mention the painful process of trying to get the game. It was painful. I can't see ever doing anything like that again. Pain. Anyway, the world is beautiful and I wish I could figure out where my screenshots go. Although I might be stuffing that up. But so far the games been pretty interesting and I could spend forever just playing with the character maker. Which is actually about all I've really done. I'm not sure why I wanted to be in the early release. Something about getting a jump on leveling. Yeah... been doing that... not. Anyway, once I figure out how to get screenshots I'll try and get another post about the game.

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