Thursday, August 29, 2013

A little more Final Fantasy

Since my attempt to find the other cities didn't end too well I decided I just pick up the jobs in my starter city. I quickly learned that I needed to throw my starter gear back on or my little cat lady would soon find herself standing around in her skivvies.
The two classes she had access to are archer and conjurer. A quick google search revealed what abilities these classes had and I took a look for what would be of interest to me. The conjurer has a level 8 ability called protect that's a 30 minute damage reduction! Sounds like a good leveling talent to me. So I decided to reach level 8 on my conjurer.
Since there's no quests, Tyle had to go out and kill stuff. There's a hunter's log of mobs to kill and if you kill them as a certain class you'll get xp for doing so. But even so, I still found myself having to just grind mobs. At level 5 I took her back to the city to pick up the class quest and to try and buy her some higher level gear. The robe is a nice look and I liked having a shield even if it feels wrong with a wand.
Eventually I reached level 8. I figured I better get back to leveling my lancer because I just know Zug will give me crap if my highest level is 12... So I figured 15 would be good... What? I already got 8 levels!.. 11 if you count the three I got on the archer just so I could finish that intro quest. Anyway, I saw the unicorn mount again and this time the lady was riding it properly. She will not be falling off anytime soon. But I wonder why is she sitting astride while the one from yesterday was sitting sideways?
But I've also run across another really cool mount. This one looks like a dragon bird. I think it's just armor. But then I look at the face of it... and that doesn't look like a bird.
So I hit level 15! And it's back to pick up another class quest. I've been liking how the gear has looked in the game so far. Until I got those pants... WTF... Seriously? Maybe it's just the color. The purple just doesn't work with the red and I can't imagine any shoes that could be worse unless they were sandals with black socks. Bleh. Looking forward to being able to get rid of those pants.

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