Monday, August 19, 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 18, Someone you spoke to today

I'm back to being a bit late instead of early, early. But that's ok. I decided I'd blur the name today. But this is one of my guildies. On his alt. But that's ok. My warlock is an alt as well. We'd just finished up a night of raiding and were taking a quick break before venturing over to the world of Final Fantasy XIV. He was going to show me around. I'd taken a peek earlier but really wasn't enjoying myself. Having a tour guide really helps. Anyway. He's one of the people I jabber to. A good jabbering requires having a good spot to relax but I think he's more comfortable then I am taking up two spaces. Jeez, what's a goblin got to do to get some respect around here! Or a seat! Probably just as well that the seats are already taken. Sitting at these tables reminds me of being the little kid at the adult table.

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