Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wowscreenshotaday - Day 13 Fast

I was a little torn about the screenshot I wanted to be my entry for fast. It was an accident. Here's what I was originally planning.

I wanted a screenshot of my druid. For the longest time she was my toon with the fastest flying. I'm terrible about holding onto gold. I make some gold and then promptly spend it on things like new pets and mounts. So in Wrath I could barely scrape together the 1000 gold needed to get regular flying. In fact I saved buying flying until later so I could buy duel-spec for my druid when it first came out. But then one day I got a lucky drop on my priest and instead of using it I sold it for 10,000 gold. So what did I do with my windfall? I went to buy faster flying for my druid. To get the fastest speed of all my druid managed to snag all the holiday achievements to get a purple protodrake. She's no longer my only toon with all the fastest flying speed but when I think of fast I still think of her. Besides, no one is faster at getting into the sky!

But when I went to take my gorgeous star-studded screenshot I got this.

Flying kitty!!!! The game was being a bit slow so instead of showing my flight form it was still showing me as a kitty. I wish the screenshots could show you just how fast those paws were moving. It was like the cat was dashing in double time.

So here's my offical entry:

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