Thursday, August 8, 2013

WoWscreenshotaday #7 A sign

This is a sign that you might have gone to the wrong clubhouse. Just maybe.
Unfortunately a warlock was indeed harmed in the making of this photo. Or maybe fortunately, depends on your stance on warlocks.

This was a fun challenge. I really didn't want to use a photo of a sign and I really liked this idea. I took a lot of screenshots of the whole event and I really liked how they turned out. The one above would be my official entry but I just wanted to show this from start to finish. Unfortunately there are a lot of photos so it's going to be a long post.

Approaching the Clubhouse
Entering the Clubhouse
Realizing you brought the wrong membership card
The first bouncer approaches
But the willy provides a distraction
So he calls for back-up!
We start with reasoning. 
Surely they'll understand that I left my card on my other mount!
He hit me! I'll take that as a no.
It's time for some drastic action!
We'll set the guy on fire!
That'll prove I'm serious!
I don't think he took that very well.
It seems my time has about run out
I'm so far gone the first bouncer no longer feels he needs backup
I suppose they think the situation is handled
But we'll get our revenge. I don't know when but we will.
But from now on we're going to support the other club. 


  1. Replies
    1. Lol, I'm pretty sure that's a common complaint for anyone who plays both sides.

  2. The best part about these pictures is how there aren't any Alliance players around.

    This is Drak. That is how we roll.

    1. Actually there was one. 5th photo in where the Willie provides a distraction there's a druid or monk in the background on the right side. As too why it's so empty... yes it is Drak but it was also Drak at 3 am