Sunday, August 25, 2013

wowscreenshotaday - Days 23-25

I've been slacking a bit on these screenshots. I've been a bit obsessed with leveling my hunter. She was at level 85 and so close. I just knew I could get her a thunderwolf if I kept pushing. So it's time I played catchup with the screenshots again. I was messing around on my baby priest so all screenshots are heavily influenced by Serna, my shadowcow... will someday be a shadowcow.

23. Yellow

I've been wanting to throw together a yellow transmog since seeing Slice's not so successful one. I think I really like this look. It's more glamorous then I expected to build for her but it looks really pretty and would go well for a disc or holy look. The color matches her spells!

See! She's look lovely casting smite in the yellow set! If I can ever get her leveled.... poor Serna is level 12.

24. In the background

I found these while setting up some shots for culture. I went to a different location for that screenshot but while taking screenshots of the tent where Baine likes to hang out I saw these dream catchers along the sides. I've never seen them before and they are too gorgeous to go unnoticed! But they are definitely part of the background of Thunderbluff as you can see below

25. Culture

I'm on a Tauren kick today. But they are also have a pretty impressive culture. They're a nomadic people and their choice of structure reflects that with tents even in the permanent settlement. There a feel of an appreciation for nature in what they do and it's a gorgeous place to be.