Friday, August 30, 2013

Dungeons and Achievements! Oh Boy!

Yesterday I was on Tyle trying to figure out what to do and realized I had a long way to go to cap my vp this week. I've gotten pretty used to raids and lfr making up a big chunk of my vp earnings but not this week. We'd only killed Lei Shen in our normal raid and I only ran the 2 lfr's that I needed to try and get more secrets to advance my legendary questline. I really didn't want to go back and run more lfr but it's better then daily quests. But I decided that I'd actually hit up the dungeon finder and run a dungeon. I'm really glad I did. Because in that first dungeon was a really awesome tank and healer who were chaining heroic dungeons and inviting dps along for the ride.
screenshot of the awesome warrior tank Vichaells and monk healer Saeka
I had only intended to run one heroic but since they asked I kept going with them. We did enough dungeons to take me from about 300 vp to 700 vp. And they also tried to get any of the achievements for the group whenever they could. I even picked up a few on Tyle.

I'm not really sure how this achievement is gotten other then to pull all the things in the room and go to town killing them.
I had suggested trying for cleaning up when we got the Jade temple and most of the group was willing to give it a try. The only sour face we had in all our dungeon running was found in that run. It was a mage who started in on us that if we wanted achievements we should get a guild group together to do them. He just wanted his vp and to get out of there. Most of the group was willing to give it a shot so we headed to kill the boss in the library before the other one. Right after we killed the fish boss the mage dropped group and we had to 4-man the trash and the third boss. We kept pushing and got a fifth right as we started the last boss. This was a really close achievement. I wasn't sure we were going to make it. But we killed the sha right as the last second was ticking off us and managed to snag Cleaning up! That was incredibly awesome.

Eventually the tank had to go so it was the end of some really awesome dungeon runs. I was feeling pretty inspired by the healer so I went to go level my monk to 15 so she could start using the dungeon finder.
I had reached 14 and was making my way to 15 when I got a whisper from Navi asking if I thought heroic brd could be three-manned. Particularly the omnotron boss. I had no idea but I was willing to give it a try.

I was a little worried I would be tanking but then I saw that Navi had gotten Arv to come. I knew Arv would take all the damage so that meant I could just stand around and look pretty... I mean, do lots of damage. But even more fun was that Luxy was able to come as well! So we 4-manned Heroic Omnotron. And then went to see what else we could kill.
Magmaw is really different on heroic. There were skeleton adds and I wasn't too sure what to do but to dps stuff. And try not to get myself killed.

The last boss we got was Heroic Atramedes. He didn't even have an air phase. Navi needed to afk, something about work and patients. We tried to three-man on of the other bosses but it wasn't working. Arv needed to get going because it was getting late so that was the end of the raid. It was still pretty cool.

But I wasn't done getting achievements for the night. Navi got back and we chatted for a bit and then tried to think of a place to go duo. I still had a few achievements to finish in Forge of Souls so we headed there.

We didn't get the first one. Your supposed to kite him and get 4 soul fragments up. The fragments need to be slowed but my chains of ice were throwing one of my diseases onto the fragments. I'm not sure if that's because I'm frost or if that's a talent or something else. Anyway, the most souls we had up at once was two. They would either die or get absorbed when the boss would stop to cast another fragment. This one will definitely require some more planning to get.

Now I just had to hope I didn't stuff-up the last achievement. Something about interrupting something. Anyway, I summoned up my army and began to kill. I was just starting to get into my rotation when it died. That wasn't so difficult.

I still had two achievements left to get at toc so we left the dungeon and headed north. Navi had to tell me that I was in the wrong instance. Oops... no wonder I wasn't seeing my ponies around the outside of the ring. I suppose it's kinda funny, I'm not sure who gets more lost, her or me. I think was the winner last night since she found 2 of the 3 places and I only found 1.

The first fight was a giant pain-in-the-ass. Jousting. With two people. Poor Navi got trampled. A lot. They really liked running her over. It took a long time but we managed to joust our way to victory. I would dearly love to be able to skip that part of the fight. I was worried I'd feel a little odd about killing the Alliance heros but at that point I really wanted to bring them some pain.

We got lucky with the second boss and got Eadric so we could try and get me The Faceroller achievement. I threw on a piece of my tanking set so I wouldn't be accidentally summoning troll minions who could ruin our attempt by killing him. We just stood around at first and tried to figure out how to throw the hammer back at him. We figured it out and began to slowly work his health down to 10%. I took off my main-hand weapon and was just punching him. It took awhile but I got the achievement.

Navi thought that was it but I reminded her that there was still the Black Knight who had the last achievement I would need from toc. Something about not getting hit by exploding ghouls. Navi was off yonder and I stayed back to smash him with howling blast and my own ghoul. He died really quickly 3 times. But we made it without getting hit by a single ghoul.

It was starting to get pretty late in the night even for me... Ok, it was only 12:30 so it was an earlier night for me but I was ready for bedtime.

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