Friday, August 16, 2013

wow screenshotaday days 14-16

I was originally just going to combine 14 and 15 but since it's now 3 am I figured I should try to get a screenshot done early instead of late. This midnight posting cuts it close.

So day 14 - Trash

The housekeeper should be fired. This house is trashed! I mean just look at this place! flies everywhere, broken furniture and is that a broken cart? The grandfather might have been an amazing farmer but I'm doubtful. If he couldn't keep his house in shape what chance does his farm really have? Maybe that's why it's full of rocks before I took it in hand.

Day 15 - the Best

This one is very subjective but I decided to show off the best hunter pet name I've ever come up with. I've named my turtle Soup. If I could have a pet bunny I would name it Hossenfeffer in an instant. In fact, I did have a real life rabbit named Hossenfeffer. Wouldn't that be a great name for the Darkmoon faire rabbit? Someday, if/when I get one that's exactly what I'll name it. Until then I'll have to entertain myself laughing because my turtle is named Soup. It's like a boy named Sue. It'll make him tough.

Day 16 - Cooking

FOR SALE: MOBILE COOKING FIRE! Haven't you ever wanted to have a cooking fire that'll keep up with you? Well this isn't any ordinary stove! No siree. This here is a mobile cooking fire that'll follow you wherever you want to go. Need to head to an instance before you finished making your grub? No
problem-o! This fire will follow wherever your little heart desires! And it can now be yours for the low price of $9.99 + shipping and handling! But wait, there's more! For this limited time offer we're including with it personally and a hammer. Why? Because it will look far cooler than anyone else's fire!

Maybe I should stop posting at 2 am. I keep thinking I'm funny at the wee hours of the morning. At least I manage to entertain myself.