Sunday, August 11, 2013

Green 'Lock Fire Part 4

Green fire!

Holy Moly 4 parts to get though the warlock quest chain. But it was a really amazing quest chain.
Having finished with the first boss Akama comes to meet you. He then proceeds to lead you to the last place. However your imp suddenly summons himself. That's weird. However your imp has an amazing idea. Let's loot the black temple! Quickly before Akama realizes your missing. With a timer set you dash though the Den of Mortal Delights gathering up as much loot as you can carry. When your time is up one of the minions evaluates how you did.

Now it's time to face Kanrethad himself! And he is a giant PITA. I eventually managed to learn the fight using a really great guide at Icy Veins. Although I'm not certain how well this guide will work with some of the warlock changes coming in the next patch. Oh well. 

The fight consists of several stages and several different abilities. I found myself really hating the imp phases. Kanrethad summons a lot of imps and they can really hurt. I used to have a lot of trouble with the fel puppies but I eventually got the hang of them. Basically it's a fight with very little room for error and a really harsh timer. You have just over 10 minutes to kill him. Unless you know an alchemist who can make you a potion so you can remove a debuff and extend the fight for another 10 minutes. I did the fight without the potion.

Here's Kanrethad and his prefight monologue.
I don't have many pictures of the fight although I do have this one. It's pretty early in the fight. Right after the monologue but before all the demon summons.

I've put in many attempts on this fight. Tonight went really well. I had a few goof-ups and one time where I was really close but I messed up a part where I should have dismissed my pit lord and recaptured him but forgot to do so. He then came to kill me at a really bad time. But this one attempt was going really well. I had him really low but I told myself to stay focused. The next phase was an imp one and they can really mess with me. Then my pit lord vanished! What! What the hell! What's happening! But Kanrethad wasn't summoning stuff or trying to blow the place apart. Wait, wait, is he talking? What the heck?
 OMG!!! I WON!

I was too busy screaming and jumping up and down to pay much attention so it's a miracle I actually got screenshots. And a screenshot of my inability to type.

I originally thought that since the fight was over I could just go but I took a quick look at Jubeka before I went. Good thing I did because she's trying to tell me I need to suck the energies from Kanrethad. And stealing those energies is a really cool effect. 

And I now have green fire! Jubeka had a little more to say before I left.


  1. I know I am late on this, but GRATS!!!!!!

    1. There's no such thing as late for a grats!
      And THANK YOU!!!!! I'm so excited to have my green fire!

  2. Yay! You go you little green fire shooting green Goblin!

    1. Thanks! She does have a lot of green. Which is why green is so perfect for her :)