Friday, August 16, 2013

Wishful Warlock Mogs

I have a lot of trouble putting together transmogs for my warlock. Not neccesarily coming up with ideas. Just tracking them down. But I did have VĂ¢unt transmogged for a bit while she was in Shadow Rising.

I thought it was a nice take on the black mageweave set. But I seem to have...umm... disenchanted the belt. What? She stopped mogging for awhile. She wasn't raiding so she could wear her pajamas for all she cared. But now that she's raiding she wants to look good. And this number was out. I mean... sure we could have tracked down another belt but she really wanted something new.

The one idea I put together that I really liked was this one. I think it brings out the color of her eyes. I had the robe but the rest of the pieces... That belt will never be on the ah. Neither will those gloves. Time to reevaluate this look.
Here we go. I think I like these gloves better and that belt is growing on me. So off to get some shoulders. BWL, cool, I know how to solo that place. OMG! The bosses only drop 2 pieces of tier? Didn't 40 people use to run these things? Yeah... I keep trying but so far, no luck. The look just doesn't seem evil and warlocky without those shoulders! Better come up with new ideas and present them to the picky 'lock.

How about this?
Uh. No. No. That look says priest. Besides, do I really want to go tackle Black Temple by myself? Next!

Ok... well this doesn't involve any dungeon drops.
And what's this supposed to say? Definitely not warlock. And you know what? I'm not liking red. Red is a bad color. I want green like my fire. Or purple. Purple is pretty.
Alright then how...
I like it! Finally we're getting someplace. Wait. Wait. Is that Sunwell gear!! Are you out of your mind? Sunwell! If Black Temple is a no then what makes you think I'm going to Sunwell?

uh... How about some pvp gear?
Why not?
Because I don't pvp.
But you could have this

Well! What are you doing? Staring into space? Que me up! That's one awesome looking dress! And those shoulders! The eyes! They move!

Ok. ok. I thought you didn't want to pvp. 

Some time later...
You can stop now. You've got the pieces you need. Stop. Stop. Ok, you know what. Nevermind. 

Watches in exasperation as warlock continues running around bgs casting chaos bolt and cackling like mad when it hits a player for half their health. 

At least now she can look pretty while killing stuff. Although... that staff...


  1. I do the same thing in BGs!

    Chaos Bolt is so awesome!

    1. I know! I knew BGs were fun while leveling but I didn't realize how fun they'd be at max level with no pvp gear. I'm going to have to take her back again.