Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alt Appreciation Week - Death Knight

Something that's been going around is Laeleiweyen's alt appreciation weeks and that the first week is death knights. So it's time to slide this in right under the finish line. XD I had an argument with Tyle about whether she should be featured. She claimed that since she's a death knight she counts but I told her she's not an alt. She's a main. She went off in a snit so I assume I won. Anyway, counting Tyle I have 4 death knights. 3 of them named Tyledres... I'm starting to understand why I'm not allowed to name things in my family. I had a fish I named Mr. Beta because he was a beta fish and a goat named Goat-Goat. I've also been trying to convince my family to name a calf It.... I figure Radar, my cat, managed to get lucky with his name.

Anyway, on to my Tyledreses.


My first death knight. Tyledres is very special to me. It was with her that I first fell in love with being a death knight. It was also through her that I finally became interested in raids again. I had raided with my druid during all of Wrath but when Cata came out I lost interest in raiding. The places weren't interesting to me. But Tyledres insisted on seeing all of Dragon Soul. And she tanked it. And cheesed though a lot of mechanics. Anti-magic shell! I swear Dragon Soul was built with the death knight in mind. One of my favorite accomplishments was killing Deathwing on normal mode. As a tank. In a pug run. I very much knew that I was going to have to find a new guild in Mists because I was going to be raiding. I expected that raiding to be done on Tyledres. I really didn't expect it to be on a brand new Tyle. I'm really happy that at least I left her looking good. I loved the first death knight tier in Mists and I'm happy to leave her wearing it. But if I didn't have to worry about how I was going to track down the items this is what I'd like to leave her in:
I'm not too certain about the sword though. I love that sword and was really excited when she got it but the color is too bright. But the rest looks pretty good.

My undead Tyledres. She's sitting at level 88. I don't plan on leveling her. At least not at this point. I had originally created her for some horde side laid back raids. When I switched from Alliance to Horde the server I moved to wasn't the one with this death knight so I needed to create a brand new one. I thought about creating another undead death knight but knew that I wasn't very happy with the one I already had. So I made Tyle a blood elf. When I made this Tyledres I thought an undead death knight would be pretty cool and she does have awesome animations... but... those knees! And those toes! I probably place too much emphasis on looks but... well, these are my ingame mes and I want to look good! I think the fact that I think of them as both myself and not myself is a weird contradiction but there you have it. I just don't want to be an undead death knight. 


This is my death knight not named Tyledres. I had already used the name on that server for a human paladin and rather then delete her I just changed the name a little. Tyledras. I made her because I wanted a pink haired night elf. She hasn't been started. She's been sitting on the loading screen for some time. Looking lonely and forgotten. Someday little Tyla, someday... But first I need to level a server full of Hordies!


  1. Cool that you're joining the alt appreciation. :)

    Blood Elf Tyle was right though, you could have included her too. ;) I'm definitely gonna write love poems and songs, and let my main bask in the glory when we're entering monk week!

    1. She gets to bask in glory all the time now! She doesn't share well. But monk week will definitely be something to look forward to reading