Monday, August 12, 2013

Blogaversery Winner!

This post has been updated
Tired of waiting to hear who'll win the cool mount?

I know I am! So who do I get to hand this stuff away? I know the death knight and the warlock really don't care. I know! Awoi likes all stuff fluffy! And she hasn't had much screen time lately

Ok, Awoi, time to stop select a winner! How? Hmmm... Let's count the number of people. There's 11 but Lyss(Koalabear) said she really didn't want to be included so make that 10. Alright do a roll from 1-10 and we'll count down from the first comment to find the winner.

Yeah, I messed that first roll up. It was a  practice one. But there we go. A roll from 1-10. And we got 7. So who's 7? Slice!

Congratulations Slice!!!
Update: Since Slice already has the cool mount he'll be getting a Blossoming Ancient pet instead! Which is still really cool :)