Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wowscreenshotaday - 6 This means a lot to me!

I'm running a bit late with day number 6. I thought I'd have all day yesterday to come up with ideas but since I had an upper endoscopy, or a camera inserted down my throat, I was a fair bit groggy. Alright, fine, whatever they gave me was good stuff and I was out for the count for the rest of the day. Except when I woke up with an outrageous thirst and a mysterious need to use the restroom. Needless to say I didn't get much planning for this picture done.

Anyway, I'm not very good with sentiment. And I kept trying to be punny by thinking, "Oh! That's a lot of mobs!" or "That's a lot of runs trying to get something." In the end I decided to pick Grimm, my Gusting Grimoire. I also wanted to show a bit why this pet is so important to me. Aside from the fact that it's a book, of course. Books, afterall, are awesome.
I got Grimm in a giveaway from Arvash over at the Crimson Hammer. I really wanted the pet and was so excited I won it. I really wanted to thank him in person for it. So I made a goblin warlock on his server. The warlock was going to be a temporary toon but I began leveling her as I worked up the nerve to speak to Arv along with just waiting for him to be online. Eventually I was able to thank him and he asked if I would like a guild invite to Shadow Rising! That was unexpected but I agreed. It definitely changed things. I've eventually become part of their raid team on a death knight I leveled up specifically for that task. So the background picture is from our raid tonight where we finally managed to kill Iron Qon. This is why Grimm is such an important pet to me.


  1. You have been a great addition to the team, as the rest of Shadow Rising would agree. So I'm glad that you won Grimm, otherwise, who else would be able to show Sorak how to DK tank properly? =)

    1. I'm still working on the dk tanking thing but it's getting better. I'm not feeling like an impostor anymore when I have to tank which is good.