Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raiding with that other guild

I had already talked about the week of raiding with Shadow Rising so it's time to discuss what that other guild is doing.

Last week Spoiled Milk managed to kill Lei Shen which was cool but it was also our last week with one of our healers. Spoiled Milk raids at a later time and the second healer would be heading to school so didn't want to stay awake for such late nights. It was a pretty nice send-off for him.

I wasn't able to go to the raid on Wednesday night because of some terrible internet but I had been warned that the new druid healer wasn't as awesome as our last. I really hate to say it but... I wasn't really impressed with the new healer. I'm not very current on druid heals anymore so I really didn't want to say anything but aren't wild mushrooms supposed to be a very good chunk of heals? I doubt that's much of an issue but it has me suspecting that the player is still learning.

Anyway, we started Thursday night on Ji-kun. We usually start on Durumu so I'm guessing things were slow on Wednesday night. We had a lot of trouble with people on the platform dying but we eventually got it. I broke down and told the druid in a whisper that he could stick some mushrooms under the boss. Tanks would always be in range of it. I got asked if they would pull and I said if they did he could blame me. I was pretty certain they wouldn't. I remember seeing other druids placing them before pulls. I hate trying to offer advice to others, especially about a class or spec that I'm not currently playing and that's unasked for. It feels presumptuous of me. Which is why I left it alone after that one whisper. I offered some advice for a boss and was surprised he didn't chew me out and actually placed mushrooms under the boss.

The other fights went alright until we got to Dark Animus. We were actually getting though the first part like clockwork but the second phases Interrupting jolt would decimate the healers and then everyone else. I got to try something I've been dying to do on my warlock since the idea came to me. Most of the time I use Grimorie of Supremacy but for this fight I use Grimorie of Sacrifice so that I can still do dps but I don't have to worry about my minion killing stuff he shouldn't. It's probably a non-worry but... it worries me. So the minion I sacrifice is my imp because that's the minion I always used for my green fire attempts. And I realized that I could possibly dispell matter swap from myself! I don't usually get it but if I did I could do it! So for our last attempt of the night I waited because I knew eventually our healers would die. After the first jolt I tried to use a cooldown for each one. And.... I got matterswaped! When it hit 5 I dispelled and it worked! I was pretty happy I didn't end up killing someone and I learned that I could remove it. Anyway, the attempt was going well. Relatively. And we had more dps alive when the healers died. And although they died one by one enough damage went out that we got the kill with just our super awesome dk tank and a dps alive.

Sunday night we started at Iron Qon. And bashed our heads against it. It was awful. Hua, our monk healer, was late and we had to find a replacement for him. But there really is no replacing Hua. The first phase was just awful. Eventually the ranged would get decimated. We spent hours on that boss. We almost had a kill once and then it reset. My ears still hurt thinking of whoever it was that screamed in vent. I wear headphones. Ouch. 'Nough said. Finally we dragged in Hua. And quickly got the kill.

Off to the Twins and I was supposed to run the patterns again. I got cranes in one shot. I was feeling pretty good. Then I couldn't get ox for the life of me. But we got though the phases and the buffs were reset and I got killed running to where I needed to go. Oops. But everyone else pulled together well. I felt like a goof though. I can't believe I flubbed those. Although...yeah. I flubbed it. It happens.

So off we went to Lei Shen. We had some good attempts but had to call it before we could get him. It was a really rough week. From what I could see they were really missing the healer who could no longer come with us. I really wanted to heal. I'm feeling my lack of an army of alts now. That need to have everything. I can tank and dps but I need a healer! And when I have one I will never ever play the healing spec XD At least it's better then being ranged.


  1. It's sad their amazing monk healer is gone. That's gotta suck.

    1. We lost one but we still have another one. But it'll get straightened out. Although I should get leveling that shaman of mine. It's no monk but healing rain and those totem things are always nice.