Monday, August 19, 2013

Wowscreenshotaday - Day 19 Lost

If there's one thing I'm good at doing it's getting lost. Both in-game and in real-life. Somehow I always find my way home again. But when I think of lost and WoW I immediately think of my druid. And just how awful I was to her. I had a terrible time reading the in-game map. I still have some trouble with it. My biggest problem is heading in the wrong direction. The quest says go west and I lined my arrow up so it's pointing in the right direction and get moving. This was the days before the in-game quest-helper. Anyway, I'd work really hard to make sure I was heading in the correct direction and find myself heading East instead of West. This has lead to many wonderful adventures. Like wall climbing Teldrassil and then falling off to my death. Somehow finding my body back and then trying to swim to a spot where I could get back in. I swam almost the whole way around before giving up and killing my toon and then rezzing at the spirit healer. I found out later that day if I had picked the other direction I would have made land fairly quickly and I had almost made it there before giving up. But the one place and questline I most remember having trouble with was the quest to find the great bear spirit. West is a difficult direction. I ran all over Moonglade. I even asked my hunter friend for help. She wasn't any. Couldn't even understand why or how I got to Moonglade. It took a day but I did find the spirit. I like to say hello to him whenever I do find him. But finding him was the easy part. Now it was time to leave. It took awhile but I eventually found the flight path person but I didn't have close to enough gold to cover the trip. My friend suggested killing stuff but there wasn't anything to kill. So I wandered around. I eventually saw a toon riding though on a cat mount. So I attempted to follow. They led me to this cave. Where I died. I hadn't found any other exits so I was determined to get though. I corpse ran the whole tunnel. And ended up in Felwood where I immediately got stomped on. This wasn't working. My friend was even more worried for me. First Moonglade then Felwood. What was I doing? I figured that couldn't be the right way out so teleported back to Moonglade. Then I remembered this button I had found earlier when I got my spirit trapped in some tree branches in Teldrassil. I had looked though all the help stuff and tried a button to get my character unstuck before eventually putting in a ticket to a GM. Well... I figured the character unstuck button was worth a try. And it took me back to the night elf starting zone! Damn that button was cool! It wasn't until almost a year later that I realized I had something in my bag called a hearthstone and it's job was to teleport me. That would have been useful to know a whole lot sooner.

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