Saturday, August 10, 2013

GREEN 'LOCK FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!


August 10th, 2012, Vâunt has successfully managed to attain the coveted warlock green fire!!!!

The rest of this post I'm putting after a break just because I really just want to talk about the whole questline if you really don't want to know what happens just yet I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But if you'd like to know about the whole experience it's just a click away :) A bit of warning. There are a lot of pictures and I did try to condense them down as much as I could and I'm missing bits and pieces but I did get most of the fascinating prescenario lore stuff.

This ended up being so long I'm breaking it down into smaller more manageable chunks but I'm always going to be putting it after a page break.

Vaunt got her warlock quest tome in April while she was questing and spotted a rare on the Isle of Thuder. After killing the rare it dropped the tome. I knew I wouldn't be able to get the green fire right away since I'd heard it was hard to complete and Vaunt was still a fairly new 90. But I decided to see just how far she could get. You can actually get up to the final boss battle fairly easily but the boss is a pita.

The book requires that you unlock it using a healthstone. When you open it you get this quest.

You can then interview all your demonic minions. It's not necessary but I really wanted to know what they'd have to say. Afterall, how often do you really get to have a conversation with your minions?

Both imp and fel imp have the same dialogue so I included them together
Dwwwaaa isn't the fel puppy so cute?
The Observer is the only minion to know both parts of the answer for the quest
After talking to your minions and learning about the tome and it's language you are sent to your class trainer.
Your warlock trainer is surprised by this book and gives you another quest.
The book is located by the trainer and  contains several pages

So that's why warlocks have gotten such a major change in their powers! After reading though the book warlock trainer gives you get a quest to track down Jubeka who traveled to Outlands with Kanrethad
And her Jornal contains several entries

I thought the journal was really cool! It's really neat to learn who we have to thank for the level 75 warlock talents! And that's not the only thing mentioned since she hints about Kanrethad and herself working on a few other projects that sound like some warlock abilities.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, and I LOVED hearing your enthusiasm over this conquest!! Cheers to you, and congratulations!

    1. You welcome and thank you. I was really happy to be able to finally get Kanrethad down and to be able to show off with some green fire.