Monday, August 5, 2013

WoWscreenshotaday #5 Early

Day 5 of Toonacious' Wowscreenshotaday challenge. I feel a bit like I'm cheating because I've got two images to show.

Early made me think of early in the morning which would never happen. I'm not a morning person. The only time I see the sun rise is if I was up all night and just heading to bed at that time. Now I could get up early but since the day of the challenge I'd be heading off to get labwork done I figured that wasn't going to happen. Time to rethink what early could mean. That made me think of the earliest screenshot I've got. I have no idea if I've taken any early then this. The first desktop and laptop I've had both died the same week and I didn't think I had anything important enough to save. I still have the hard drives but no way to access them. But I'm suspect I don't have much because at the time even when I could remember how to take any screenshots I wouldn't have anything I wanted to take a picture of. So I'm not really sure how I have this.

The computer claims this was taken November 1, 2010. The next screenshot after this isn't until May 2011. I'm inclined to think it was an accidental screenshot because the next one after that isn't until July 2012 another year later.  I haven't cropped or edited this screenshot at all. I figured I'd just let it show in all it's terrible glory. I used to have a pretty small computer screen. I've almost forgotten how cramped space was. But this was taken during Wrath while ICC was out. I'd already transfered servers from Aegwynn to Korgath. I'm currently standing around in my feral spec. My bear one. Since I'm not sitting around in animal form I can tell from the fact that tiger's fury is nowhere near berserk and there's at little key icon which was one of my favorite trinkets. The other druid standing by me is my good resto druid friend Prestta. She's the one who insisted I transfer servers. She has since stopped playing. But it's nice to see us just standing around in our lasherweaves. I think she's got some heroic pieces. She outgeared me and her shoulders are shining a different color. Those action bars are depressing. They're such a mess that I wonder how I ever managed to tank anything. I just hope my other feral spec looked better. Although I suspect it didn't.

Since my earliest screenshot is more nostalgic then beautiful I thought I'd give it another try. This time I implored the power of wowhead to give me some help. It came up with the pet ability Early Advantage. Worked for me. I grabbed Nozo my infinite whelp and headed off to get a screenshot. It's been cropped. I think it'll do just fine.


  1. Early advantage - clever use of early!

    1. It'd have been more clever if I'd been able to think it up instead of looking it up.