Sunday, August 11, 2013

Green Lock Fire Part 3

Green lock fire!

The next part of the great 'lock saga is after the break. I missing a lot more screenshots from this point on. I missed recording quite a few events but I'll try and fill in the blanks as best as I can.
It was finally time to enter the black temple! The most important thing is that you don't do inside the raid instance. The warlock quest doesn't go though there. Instead march down the path to the front gates. There'll be a green floating chains and a lock there. Click on it and it'll que you for the scenario.

When you enter your first task is to sneak by all the npcs. They have giant red circles so just avoid them and you'll soon be reaching the next part. Your asked to grab one of the scrolls on the ground. It's a trap and you'll be stunned while Akama races towards you.
After a chat with Akama he'll then begin to escort you around the black temple and you'll no longer have to be all sneaky. We're warlocks not rogues. Sneaking sucks.

Akama will send you to the shrine of lost souls. Unfortunately that area is booby trapped.

There are several souls roaming that need to be killed between where Akama drops you off and the shrine of lost souls. To get there you have to use your eye of kilrog to see where the booby traps are. Stepping on them hurts. The maze starts out decently wide but narrows down the further you go. It requires that you plan your steps very carefully. Once you reach the shrine you'll discover another memory

What's this?! Boss fight! I'll admit that I did it so long ago and didn't have enough trouble with it for this fight to stick in my memory. I actually forgot about it! But google was able to provide me with enough info, videos, and guides for me to remember this boss. I didn't one-shot it. I do remember looking this fight up. It was just months ago. But basically he does a lot of magic fire stuff that you need to advoid and interrupt and you'll eventually win the fight. Not overly difficult. At least not compared to the last boss.

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