Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Long boring post about my health

I had mentioned in my long boring post that I hadn't been feeling well for awhile and that I had a medical diagnosis of "we have no idea what's wrong with you." and more tests scheduled.

One of the tests was an upper endoscopy. It's really not a bad test. Sounds scarier than it actually is. I went in. They hooked me up to some machines to monitor my vitals and to give me oxygen. Then they gave me something nasty to gargle then swallow that would numb my throat and then had me turn on my side before they knocked me out. And I was out.

Next thing I know my mom is trying to wake me up. She claims it was her third attempt at trying to get me up. I believe her. I'm an absolute bear to wake up. I've been known to have completely coherent conversations in my sleep that I never remember. But usually I don't talk in my sleep unless I'm being spoken to. At least I think I don't. It's hard to tell because I'm asleep.

Anyway, back to my test. I remember waking up and being really thirsty. I was thirsty before going to sleep as well. Something about that gross stuff they made me drink just made me thirsty. So I asked if I could have some water. That got the nurse's attention and they said, "no." Apparently it also wasn't the first time I asked that question either. What followed was a conversation about when I could drink something, an answer about gag reflex, me trying to produce one, and finally being allowed to carefully have some of the water my mom was carrying. Anyway, some people came by and saw I was finally standing and more or less awake. They then began to explain that they actually spotted something right away. I still had food in my stomach. That was odd. Apparently stuff usually takes around 3 hours to pass though our systems and I hadn't eaten for about 12 hours. They had pictures. But I was still really groggy and didn't have my glasses on. My mom says it was a sight that is best left unseen.

Anyway, they gave me more pills. I feel really sick now when I eat stuff but the pain in my side is going away. I've been getting by without painkillers which is awesome. It still has a little pain and sometimes I just have to take some Advil but usually no more than the factor maximum dose.

I don't know yet if they found anything else or if I need another doctor's visit. I hope so if for no other reason then a discussion about what is wrong and how I prevent it from happening again. Although I have the feeling part of that answer will be regular meals. I'm terrible with the whole skipping meals things. Sometimes I'm lucky if I eat once a day. And I know it's awful. After all you're supposed to get 3 meals a day and a bunch of snacks as well. I think I'm going to have to dig out a grid and build myself a timetable for meals.

Anyway, I'm glad to finally get by without painkillers and that I can do things without wincing because my side hurts. Now I'm feeling awful because I took my medicine and ate something half an hour later like it told me to. Progress I guess.

Anyway, normally I'd be raiding at this time but my internet isn't cooperating. I figured I might as well write about this crap tonight since my internet is being slow and crappy. I can't do anything in WoW and the loading screen takes forever. I'll write a quick post about raiding with sr tomorrow and try to get my new screenshots. I didn't get one of trash tonight and I don't feel like wrestling with the internet for it tonight. So I'm just reflecting. Figured since I wrote that I was going though some crap I'd at least attempt to keep some updates on it.


  1. I wouldn't call it a boring post. Thank you for sharing. :)

    I hope everything gets straightened out and you find out what is wrong.

    1. I call it boring because I'm so tired of this crap right now. But it's good to be one step closer to having it all straightened out.

  2. Oh, Ty, I hope "they" figure it out soon. Having gone through so much with my husband, it's often the obvious that goes undiagnosed. Hoping for something simple, treatable, and gfixed soon.

    1. I've come to the conclusion long ago that nothing is obvious when it comes to health. There's so much stuff going on and so many ways things can go wonky it's a miracle they ever find what's wrong. But I just have to trust that they know what they're doing because I sure as hell have no idea what's going on anymore.