Thursday, August 15, 2013

New week of SR raiding and no new boss kill

This week there wasn't any new boss kills for SR. It's a bit of a disappointment but probably more for others than for myself. After all I do have the boss kill just not on the toon I think of as my main.

Tuesday night started a bit late. We had been hoping to get a new member to join our team but we didn't see him on at all that night or the next one. So we were a couple people short. We eventually talked Lyss into joining us and pugged a monk that was the alt of a shaman from Spoiled Milk. After some debate we decided to start from the beginning and have someone extend the lockout for Wednesday night. I was tanking. Which meant I was really relieved to put off tanking Lei Shen for another day. New fights scare me. Until I've done them enough times to be comfortable with them. Lei Shen is one of the fights I just really hate tanking in lfr on so I have very little practice on it. Anyway, I decided part of the reason I don't like tanking much is that I just don't look as cool in my tanking gear as I do in my frost stuff. My frost look is pretty awesome. Look at the banner! See! It's sweet! My tanking stuff... it's ok. But not all that pretty. Hmm... Maybe I should finally get a post about the stuff I'm wearing and things I hope to get. Boss fight now, other stuff later. Right. Where was I? Anyway I managed to wrangle something together but my wrangling was really off on the boots. They were too light in color. So I decided to see what the boots looked like unmogged after the raid and I think they were 10 times better then my original idea! Damn, she's starting to look pretty good.

Anyway, tanking. It was a pretty regular night. I stopped messing with antimagic shell preventing applications of his static debuff ability. I know I can do it but it just hasn't seemed useful for much of anything other then to screw up what the tanks are doing. Maybe it'd have been easier if I'd tell someone about the experiments I'm doing? Nah, where'd the fun be in that? Anyway, we went though and killed Ji-Kun before calling the raid so we made pretty decent time. I'd like to see if we can get 7 bosses in a night but that might be pushing it. Besides next week I'm pretty certain will be spent focusing on Lei Shen and who knows what the week after that will bring?

So Thursday we attacked Lei Shen. I was tanking. I might have had a few moments of stupid. Like, when we got to the second phase and my brain was still set on taunt when he's about to decapitate and get myself fusion punched off the platform. Or finding myself in frost presence. I mean, how? I know I started in blood. I used unholy to get to the correct quadrant. But frost? I'm pretty certain I didn't mean to be there. Anyway, I went splat pretty quickly on that attempt. It seemed like we were going backwards on our attempts. We started out pretty good but then it seemed like we were struggling to reach the same place. Finally we were having trouble getting though the first intermission. That's when things went from bad to worse. Or at least for me they did. We were on our last pull before considering taking a break when my screen froze. I think chat was still moving but the rest of the game was stuck. A look and some calls around the house and I know it's not my computer but all the internet just went kaput. Bleh. Not much to do but hope it gets better. I tried restarting wow. It can run on slower speeds but last night it wasn't working. After waiting forever for loading screens I finally manage to get back in. I had a few minutes to make sure I wasn't lagging. Honestly, I wasn't! Sweet! Then Arv pulled the boss. And things went to hell again. It's possible to play when the game comes in quick choppy bursts. It's like playing with a strobe light but it's possible. It sucks and probably isn't good for tanking but it's possible. (LFR Tortos always lags for me. I have no idea how I collect the bats but I do it) But then it came. The frozen screen. No longer was I getting small snapshots of the action but I was stuck frozen alive. Which I know wasn't possible because I was dead and a battle rez wasted on me. That was it for me. As much as I hated it I knew I wouldn't be able to tank anymore. The rest of the raid was nice enough to agree and I think some of it was that there were some not feeling too well and were relieved to be done for the night. I felt awful. For a few minutes. But there wasn't much I could do about it. I hated it. I didn't like the situation. But internet is one of the few things I can't control about a fight.

I didn't even try raiding with spoiled milk last night. I figured I have shitty internet. I apologized when I was finally able to get on again and I explained the situation. They were good about it and let me know that if the situation changed I would have a spot. They were off 9-manning the first fight. Show-offs.

So I tried to quest at first. I really want to get my hunter, Awoi, to 90 before the patch hits because I want a lightening-worg pet. She's in Northrend. Yeah, better get to leveling. Anyway, I tried it but it wasn't working so I gave up for the night. Zug laughed at me and asked what I would be doing without WoW? I told him I'd be reading although I didn't. Well I did. For a bit. But then I decided to grab a DVD, play a movie on my computer, and stitch. It's been months since I last stitched. It was peaceful. A nice end to a day instead of a crappy one.

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