Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hunter Pet Addiction

All I wanted was a green grub. Now I have a list. A list that includes all the pets hunters can use to provide buffs and which pets I want from in that range.  And then comes collecting all those pets.  My hunter has gone from having six pets to having a stable of thirteen.  I'm going to need more hunters now.

Original Stable

The Ghost Saber is my main pet.  Immediately after Sitroh hit level 20 she was in Darkshore trying to hunt up her ghostie.  I really have to change my pet's name though. I think because this was a brand-new hunter I wanted to try a different naming scheme instead of what I usually did which was naming them after  M.A.S.H. characters.  So I tried to be clever and name them after book characters.  And I choose to be clever with Prince Caspian from the Narnia series.  Now I'm definitely rethinking that name.

I'm not sure why I have this wolf but I'm guessing I got him soon after Catspian because the name is WhiteFang.  The wolf I really want is the Thundermaw one from Vale of Eternal Spring but this one makes a decent placeholder.

Vogel was tamed in Stonetalen Peaks and his name means bird in German.  He doesn't have a buff but he's a pretty nice looking pet.

The Nether Ray was an addition from leveling in Zangermarsh and long before I made my list of pets.  I remember reading about sporebats being the only pet with a haste buff.  So I went to catch a sporebat.  I thought this was a pretty nice looking sporebat.  Only to realize after I had tamed it that it was something entirely different.  I still think it's a nice looking pet and I think his ability to interrupt could be pretty useful.

After catching a Nether Ray I immediately went to catch a sporebat.  I didn't really pay much attention to what it looked like but I did make sure it was the correct pet. After looking at Petopia I realized there's not much choice of Sporebat.  That's really disappointing when you realize that it's the only pet to cover that buff.

The last pet already in my stables was this wasp pet.  It's from Zangermarsh as well.  My reasons for catching it is because I thought it was cool the way it's butt glows and glitters.  It was sparkly and shiny and I was having a pet-catching frenzy.

Newest Additions
The Green Grub. I've already said more then enough about this pet.

SunWing! I'm in love with this Dragonhawk.  Which is a good thing because I actually had to camp for him but at least I didn't have a very long wait.  I'm not sure if that's because he's got a short respawn timer or if I got lucky.  Either way I think he's the coolest looking Dragonhawk ever.

My first Corehound catch.  The Kurken is a quest npc on Azuremyst and I know it respawns really fast.  He just looks so adorable.  Maybe he'd like some pink ribbons for in his fur?

I had intended to just catch one of the Silithid roaming around Tanaris but I quickly found Haarka the Ravenous inside the cave system.  Since he was the perfect color and model I quickly tamed him.

I want all the Ravagers.  They have such awesome colors.  I told myself I could only pick one. Maybe two.  Possibly three.  But only one at this time.  I picked this green and purple pretty from Hellfire Pennisula.

My second core hound.  I really don't need two core hounds.  But the Spawn of Ururos gives me nasty looks when I even think about letting him loose.  I think it's because he's now scared of that lava.  When I found him he was playing in it happily but after I caught him standing in the lava was now deadly.  I was lucky my new buddy stayed alive long enough for this screenshot.

Image from Petopia
I forgot to take a screenshot of the last pet I caught tonight.  A felboar.  A green and purple felboar.  Hmmm... I think I have an awful lot of green pets.

Wish List
Because I want to be complete I'll post my wish list here as well.

The Black Fen Strider.  I'm going to be about level 80 before I can feel confident enough to take my hunter into the Underbog to tame the last boss.

Purple Arcane Wyrm.  I really like all four colors but this is the one I really want the most.  I also think it's one of the easier ones to track down.  I'll need to be level 72 before I can tame this one.

Even after all this time Loque'nahak is my favorite Spirit Beast.  The idea of trying to find him makes me feel a little sick inside and I'm only hunting down one spirit beast. And this is going to be it hands down.  I think I'll have to be level 76 but I should double-check.

I really like this raptor.  Maybe I just like neon colors. But it's the only raptor I really want. I want to be level 75 to go hunting this pet.

I really like cats.  And I already have a ghost saber.  But I decided I could allow myself to have another one and this is the one I would most like.  And I predict Skarr will be as much of a pain to find as a spirit beast since it's a Molten Front pet.  I'll need to get to level 85 to snare this one.

I want the purple shale spider.  It's found in deepholm so I'm going to have to level the hunter to 83 to get this one.

If I have to have a Quillen then this is the one I want.  The listing says level 87 but I figure it'll closer to 90 before I can catch this pet.

Lightening Worg is found in the Vale of Eternal Spring so I'll have to hit 90 before I can catch it.

I'm don't know if or when or ever I'll complete this list but I thought it would be a good idea to have it written down somewhere.  Plus it was fun showing off the start of my collection :)


  1. I really like the colours of the ravager :) gratz on all the new pets

    1. Thanks, I'm half afraid my hunter is going to be my fourth 90 because I just have to get all these pets :) So darn addicting.