Sunday, February 24, 2013

20 Days of Blogging - Day 5

Day 05 – Favorite item(s) in game

Nope! I haven't forgotten, nor have I given up on getting the 20 Days of Blogging done.  I've just been distracted with little things like homework and hunter pets.  And this one was strangely difficult to do.  Narrowing down my favorite items was hard to do.  My death knight wanted to show off all her cool weapons, the druid has her transformation items, then there's all the mounts and pets, there's a lot of items in this game that are just really cool.  I finally decided I wasn't going to even look at the pets and I finally managed to narrow my items down to five.  Oddly enough most of those choices are mounts.

It took me a few years to get all the achievements for this mount because I'd become very interested complete a holiday or two and then feel burned out of the holidays.  But I still managed to complete it soon enough that my druid was able to get the fastest flying along with this mount.

I still feel pretty darn lucky to have this drake.  I was bored so ran a random and got Stonecore and this drake happened to drop.  I still feel pretty giddy that I had the winning roll.

I was originally pretty bummed that my paladin got this mount instead of my druid.  Hortis, my paladin, originally only used this mount as her flying one since I love the Paladin horse chargers.  I was pretty upset that Draeni now have different mounts.  I think I would have race-changed her if she hadn't had this mount, which became her always mount.

Arita had just hit level 40 when Blizzard announced the first Brewfest.  They had mentioned that a player could collect tickets to get prizes and there would be Brewfest Rams that a player would have to collect tickets before they could get them.  For some reason I thought that meant free mount which had me excited because my druid didn't have much gold.  So when Brewfest came along I headed off to Ironforge and learned the only way to get tickets was to run barrels around.  And you could do it multiple times.  So I spent all day running barrels around and trying to get as many tickets as possible.  Eventually she saved up enough tickets and rushed to buy the Ram Stamp and to turn it in to the mount breeders.  That's where I learned it wasn't a free mount.  Getting the stamp only allowed you the ability to purchase the mounts.  After a few choice curses I began running around killing stuff because after all that work I was buying a damn mount!  I actually managed to scrape enough gold together to buy the mount and then realized I still couldn't use it.  I needed something called riding training.  So I stuffed the ram in my bank and made a new toon with the goal of earning a set amount of gold each level so I could buy a mount and riding when I reached level 40.  I almost deleted Arita but I'm glad I didn't and eventually I was able to buy the riding skill for her and she was finally able to use her ram.  I'm really glad I went to get this ram though because it's not possible to get anymore.  And since Arita is still able to interact with the vendors so I bought the other Brewfest Ram later on since none of my toons have seen it in the holiday bag.

I can't for the life of my figure out what made me keep this item but I'm really glad I did.  As Arita was my first toon, she didn't really know what she was doing so she did quests and followed where they sent her.  Since she is a Night Elf they eventually sent her to Ashenvale and she got started on a really cool quest chain.  It required finding and then putting together a rod that would turn her into a furbolg.  I think I had a lot of help from Thottbot while completing this quest and somewhere I read that if you didn't turn in the last quest you could hold onto the item and use it anywhere.  I'm not very good at thinking ahead but for some reason I decided to follow that advice.  I just wish I had thought to drag some of my other Alliance toons out to Ashenvale to work on that quest.  The quest chain has been revamped for Cata and this item can no longer be gotten.


  1. The spikey stone drakes are awesome! I was lucky enough to get the Drake of the North Wind from Vortex Pinnacle :)

    1. Oh wow! I saw it once but I wasn't lucky enough to win it.

  2. O.O Dartol's Rod is your favourite thing? I would not have guessed that, though that all your others are mounts is hardly surprising - they are all gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, it was difficult to narrow them down. Dartol's Rod though is pretty awesome. I had furbolg form before I had cat form. I also really like the casting animations. I do wish being hit didn't cause you to leave the form but it's still pretty cool for running dungeons.