Saturday, February 16, 2013

20 Days of Blogging - Day 4

Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

This was a rather difficult topic for me.  When I think about specific events all I seem to remember is what a total newb I was and some amazement that I'm still playing this game.  So I decided to think about what it is that keeps drawing me back and has me excited to play.  My answer: The people I meet and the crazy things that we would do.

I have a sad lack of screenshots from before Mop
So I present a photo of new guildies instead of old ones
One of the first guild I was in had a group that got along very well together and we attempted quite a bit. We did dungeons, heroics, pugged raids, and I even got my first taste of arenas with two of those members.  I argued that I didn't know how to pvp and didn't have any pvp gear and they told me I was a druid so run around like a demented monkey and heal while they did the rest. Funny how well that worked. But there's one thing I remember best about this group is the times we spent in Orgrimmar.  If that doesn't sound so exciting I should like to remind you right here that I was an Alliance toon.  The idea first got started during a holiday event and I had to take myself to Org to get something. I snuck in on my druid and then decided to see if I could catch some fish. The hunter logged on and wanted to know why I was in Org. After explaining he decided to come join me.  Being a hunter he didn't have stealth but he was really good at pvp and managed to make his way to me. Which brought me to everyone's attention. I think this was before duel spec so I was in a resto spec and did what I did best, healed. Which the hunter thought was hilarious. So he ran around killing people while I healed and he eventually invited our warlock friend to come join in. I'm guessing she must have been bored because she came too. She really enjoyed pvp so those two did some massive damage against all comers. It then became a regular event. No raids, all three of us on, then off to Orgrimmar to tease the Horde. We'd also invite others to come too but we were the most consistent attendees. 

A lot of the people have quit the game but I'm still read ID friends with some of them and when I find myself without a group the game seems so dull and boring and I even think about quitting myself.  But usually some guild hunting finds me some more great people to hang out and do crazy stuff with. And I still find myself in Org with a group of people seeing how long before they kill all of us. XD


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  2. I wish I had been more active screenshotting in older days.

    1. I didn't realize I could screenshot at first, then it was figuring out how and where the pictures went. Then I do crazy things like have my computers die or re installing Windows to try and fix a problem. I don't think I have any screenshots aside from recent ones.