Saturday, February 23, 2013

Leveling the Hunter before it's too late

Something all the bloggers keep mentioning is the Green grub pet that will be going away in patch 5.2 and how they're all heading out to capture it.  My first thought was as cool as it sounded it was something I wasn't going to be able to get.  But I read up on it and realized that since it was in Un'goro Crater I actually did have a hunter with a high enough level.  Then I realized I needed Exotic Beast Mastery Training which requires level 69.  My highest level hunter was only at level 56.  But after some thought I figured those levels might be doable.  So off I went to run dungeons and quest.

Questing with the Ghost Saber

Dungeons with Wolves
And eventually the little hunter hit 69 at around 2 am Saturday morning.

And no time was wasted heading off to Un'goro Crater to wait for the rare.  She even had some company.
I'm the human.  The sniffing noise would have drove me insane.
At about 4 am the the spawns and the hunter is now the proud owner of a giant green slug.
Why did I want this thing again?
And rather then call it a night and go to sleep like a sane person the hunter instead decided to test the worm out by running one more dungeon.
Seriously, this thing is freaking huge.  And a little creepy.

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