Friday, March 21, 2014

Death of a computer and guild news

I was really excited about using vent and being able to play WoW with my guildies during spring break. But on Thursday my laptop died. It had a good run and I really expected something more spectacular for it's demise. It has tried to set itself on fire at least three different times. And each time it's warranty would fix it. But this last time, I dropped it... and accidents aren't covered. To fix it would take over $800. Definitely not worth it.

I suppose I should be glad I did get one last raid in before the death of my laptop. That week we had an announcement from two of our members. They were taking a break. One of them had been pretty sick and needed to take a break to focus on her health and the other was her husband and they were both taking a break to try and save money. I'll still see them hanging around hearthstone and diablo and they say that they plan to be back for WoD.

We were able to get them one last Garrosh kill. It was a pretty awesome battle. We've been stuck tackling heroics and haven't gotten to Garrosh since our first kill. So we were rusty. On the final pull of the night things were going well and when Garrosh was almost dead someone dropped an axe in the middle of the room. I was the only one who was too far away to be killed from it. It was also a good thing that Garrosh had some distance to travel because I managed to eek out the last bit of damage needed for the kill. It's always pretty awesome to be the last one standing. And a pretty good send-off for our two members.

Now we've got to try and find replacements. At least we'll just have to look for dps. Here's hoping things will keep happening.


  1. OMG last person standing, that's awesome Tyle. Gosh hope you find some replacements, I know that it's a tough world out there at the moment.

    1. It helps that they opened up the normal and heroic modes to cross-realm. I think they used open raid to help fill those spots. But I would like to see us get some permanent dps.