Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mog the World Week 3-7

I've really fallen behind on updating these. I'll attempt to catch these up.

Week 2 - Estonia
I was attempting to make a Viking transmog. It turned out alright and is built for a shaman.
The pieces are horned viking helmet, sentry's shoulderguards, formidable cape, icy scale breastplate, blue martial shirt, heavy scorpid gauntlets, heavy scorpid belt, go-kan's golden trousers, hulking boots, falric's wrist-chopper, munificient bulwark

Week 3 - Tunisia
This is my lava burst shaman. I really like the flame theme that carries though it.
The pieces are crown of destruction, crater flame spaulders, the emperor's new cape, wrathfin armor, grubbis paws, bloodlust belt, thoracic flame kilt, magnificent greaves, ti'tahk, the steps of time

Week 4 - Sierra Leone
My green and teal monk. I really liked how the shirt seems to continue under the bracers. It's just the bracer's color but it's a pretty neat illusion. I'm not so keen on the weapon. I would probably choose something different for a transmog and I'd ditch the helm as well.
The pieces are huntsman's cap, forgotten mantle of the moon, jadefire cloak, gypsy tunic, creulean filigred doublet, throat-slitter gauntlets, brown belt of precarious balance, bandit pants, clefthoof wanderboots, shadowstrike

Week 5 - East Timor
This was an attempt to build a blood elf paladin look but I'm not completely sold on it. I think I should have played with it some more. Oh well.
The pieces are avenger's crown, shoulderguards of winged triumph, cloak of courage, warrior's embrace, red workman's shirt, blood knight tabard, replica lightforge gauntlets, lofty belt, lavacrest leggings, replica lightforge botts, twinblades of the phoenix

Week 6 - Sweden
My blue and gold druid.  I don't think the blue is quite the right shade on the chestpiece but with the blue from the staff and the glow from the shoulders it felt like it fit in well enough. This transmog could also be used for a monk if you would prefer.
The pieces are whisperwind headdress, passive resistor spaulders, watcher's cloak of vigilance, lo'ap's tunic of muck diving, gloves of the golden protector, sentinel girdle, kilt of the night strider, intensity

Week 7 - USA
Admiral USA. I really wanted to make a mog for the US and I got the idea that I wanted it to look like he was wearing some kind of uniform. There's no real uniform that looks like this but it fit what I wanted. It would have to be worn by a mage or warlock because of the sword since priests can't use swords.
The pieces are admiral's hat, aurora mantle, desperado cape, azure silk vest, white linen shirt, mindstorm wristbands, buccaneer's gloves, captain sander's sash, sage's pants, red woolen boots, revilgaz's cutlass, eerie stable lantern


  1. Oh so now I know which ones were yours!

    1. yeah, I'm going to claim all of mine, from the glorious to the not so glorious but endearing in a way that only it's creator could love. :)

  2. Aww these really are lovely 'mogs! I was meaning to take part but time has not been my friend these past couple of months. I especially like the Sierra Leone 'mog - very Monk-ish

    1. Thank you! I really liked that one as well. My hunter made a beautiful model. I'm glad the feeling I was trying to get with it came though.