Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hearthstone - A list of some of my favorites

I have found hearthstone to be very addicting. I've recently been playing it more then Wow. So I thought I'd try and discuss hearthstone a bit. The problem? I'm not actually very good at it.

I'm certain I'm just middling at best. But I have improved and I'm learning more and more each day. But basically there are two parts to hearthstone. Constructed and arena play. I really like both. For constructed the my highest rank was raid leader which is 14 and the most wins I've had in arena is 8 wins. And those 8 wins was the only time I hit the magical 7 wins in arena.

So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite resources. Most of them are youtube channels that I really like and I'll try and explain briefly why I like them. But the best way I've found for getting better is to see what others are doing and hearing why they make the plays that they do. This list is just for getting started. I'm dividing these into general, arena, constructed, and just funny. If you know of a resource that's pretty awesome in some way that I didn't include then leave a comment. I'd definitely appreciate any help I can get in improving my game. And I can see that I'm going to have to make a place for hearthstone links during my spring break.



Hearthpwn - All the latest information about hearthstone in one site along with a forum for discussing... hearthstone. What'd you think I was going to say? There's also a deckbuilder if you want to share decks with others

IhearthU - Articles, podcasts, and more. All on the topic of hearthstone


Force Strategy Gaming - Every week Force takes a look at one of the popular decks in the meta (current ranked constructed) and shows players how the deck was built to be played. There's a spotlight video where he discusses all the cards in the deck and then another video which shows the deck being played in a series of matches.

Unfortunately most of the decks spotlighted are really expensive but it's still worth a look. There are a few that are cheaper and I've found that it helps me get a better picture of how decks can be built and the different ways they can be played.


Trump's Arena Card Ranking A ranking of all the common and basic cards according to their value in arena. It's also useful for building constructed decks but the value of cards does change for constructed since you can plan your deck around having combinations that you can't expect to draft in arena. Unfortunately this does not include class cards, rares, epics, or legendaries

ArenaValue Not sure where to start with drafting your arena deck? ArenaValues takes the list from Trump one step further to include all the cards. After taking a look at the three cards in your pick, comparing it to the other cards you've picked, it will then suggest which card to pick. It will also let you know how valuable it thinks each pick is. The decision is, of course, your own. But if you're having trouble this can really help you make up your mind.

Ben's Gaming Corner If you want to get into an arena winning mindset then watching Ben's draft and play series could help. It's been awhile since he's posted a new guide but it's still useful to watch and learn why he's doing the things that he does.

He's also written a guide to the arenas on the hearthstone forums which is a great place to start.


Funny and Lucky Moments Taking a spotlight from different videos of funny hearthstone moments. Be warned that there's so moments of cussing.

Deck of Legends TotalBiscuit is pretty funny and most of his videos are about arena. I haven't watched his Lord of the Arena series but I do watch his deck of legends. It's basically a deck made up of nothing but legendaries. It's either hilariously awful or hilariously good. Either way it's worth a look.

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