Saturday, March 29, 2014

Herald toon reaches 80, now to gear

I started Hortis with the vague thought that it would be awesome to have a Herald of the Titans toon. But it was always some distant day away.

Then this week she went from level 70 to 80 and I had to decide if this was what I was really going to go for.
There's many achievements that I think would be nice to try but then I just figure some other day. But I've got this one stuck in my mind and I really think I could make this work.

I just have to get her some gear.

That's where the trouble is.

For the achievement, your toon can't equip anything higher then 226 except for weapon and off-hand which may be 232. It doesn't sound difficult until you realize that it is unlikely that you'll be able to dungeon que for the runs you'll need to get the decent gear. And you won't be able to join a pick-up group either because the leaders look for 90s to make the runs go faster. So it's whatever I can solo, convince someone to run for me, or JP vendor gear. There's actually a good bit of vendor gear. But it'll take almost 6000 JP to buy every bit of vendor gear that's useful and that'll still leave me short a weapon, ring, and trinket. I did learn that I can solo the normal Forge of Souls dungeon which has me thinking I could probably solo some of the original Wrath heroics. I was able to complete all but the final boss of the Pit of Saron. Hmm... anyway, here's my master gearlist. I'm not including any raid gear because I only wanted to include items that I felt I had a reasonable chance to aim for. I don't have anyone that I'm working towards this achievement with so most of this gear is stuff that I could conceivable aim for myself or be able to convince someone to farm for once or twice. If I work up the nerve to ask for help. I'm not very good with that. Worst that could happen is I'm told no but I still just chicken out.

Anyway my Heralds gear list for Prot Pally - I'm just including ilvl, where it's from, and how much it costs
Helm - 226 770 JP or 219 HToC
Neck - 226 405 JP or 219 HToC
Shoulder - 213 417 JP - 219 HToC
Back - 213 347 JP - 219 HoR
Chest - 226 770 JP - 219 PoS
Wrist - 213 377 JP (BOE)
Hands - 226 487 JP - 219 HoR - 200 ToC
Waist - 226 487 JP - 200 ToC
Legs - 226 770 JP - 219 FoS - 200 ToC
Feet - 213 417 JP  - 219 FoS - 200 ToC
Ring - 213 347 JP - 219 HToC - 200 HDTK - HHoS - HUK
Trinket - 200 348 JP - ToC - HAN
Weapon - 232 HPoS - 219 FoS - 219 HToC - 200 HUP
Shield - 232 HHoR - 226 (BOE Uld)

I highlighted the items with the highest ilvl in yellow. Those will be what I'm aiming for. The basic stats will be better and I don't have to worry about creating or breaking any set bonuses. (I had a look and I don't think all of them apply anymore). I did include one raid drop just because I had found it for a bargain price (at least I thought it was a decent price) on the AH and I thought it would do well for a shield especially since I don't see much point to farming the heroic versions of the ICC dungeons when all I could get from them is a shield and a weapon. I think it would be better to focus more on the normal versions, ToC, and getting JP. Although I won't be able to get ToC by myself. Which is why I tried to have some of the other options for ring and trinket. I'm going to have to be running a ton of cata dungeons to get the necessary JP.


  1. By coincidence, I've been in a 1 hour 50 min queue for the TOC / ICC dungeons as I write this! As I opened your post, I was crossing my fingers that you would be in Europe so we could go together, but sadly not. :-/
    Good luck to you! And as a small tip, I think there's quite a lot of Honor Points to be had from battlegrounds now, which can be converted to Justice Points, if that helps.

    1. Aaaand also you're probably horde anyway. :)

    2. I am horde! It just wasn't meant to be. But thanks for the thought :)

    3. I didn't think about BG's! I guess I thought since I had my xp turned off it would be impossible to find one. I'm going to have to give it a shot.