Saturday, October 27, 2012

Achievement Hunting

Tiller Black Goat

Yesterday I had quite a lot of free time so I did Tyledres' dailies and managed to get her tiller rep to exalted. And because I couldn't resist she got the goat mounts. But than I decided to take her around Pandaria and get all the rep she needed for the lorewalkers. And since I was just traveling around Pandaria I figured I'd get all the exploration achievements knocked out in one go.

The search took a bit of time. I wasn't always certain where I was going. I had found some different guides about the best route and I could get close to locations but I didn't always figure out what I was looking for right away. But the best part was turning in the quests. When you turned in the mailed items the npc would tell you a story. And he didn't just tell you the story he animated it too. I had reached max and still had three turn ins left but I finished them because it was such a blast to watch the show. Most of the stories took about two minutes maybe up to three. There's a five minute debuff when the story is being told but as soon as the gong rang it would be removed and you could turn in the next lorewalker item. I managed to snag quite a few pictures.

Creation of the Saurok
Trying to eliminate the Saurok

Origins of the Jinyu
Prophesy of the Sundering

The First Monks

Building the Wall

First Journey on the Turtle
Returns though the Mist

Telling of his Journey
Watching for the Turtle

Nomadic Tribe caught by the Sundering
Becoming the Yaungol

The Hozen

Red Cloud Disk Mount and the Lorewalker Tabard

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  1. The disc mount is kind of "meh" for me, but those screenshots tell an awesome story!

    Congratulations on your achievements. :)