Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rambling, ranting, and ruminating

Still working on leveling the death knight. It feels like it's taking forever. I want to be 90 right now. Unfortunately I'm still level 88. I think the magic of how pretty the zones are is starting to fade. But that just might be my impatience. And the slow rate I'm currently leveling. When I did the run up to 85, I was able to get close to a level a day reaching level cap at the end of a week. It's been feeling like more than 2 weeks have passed and I'm leveling slower than dirt. I realize that it's just a feeling and I have no real reason to feel pushed to 90 but I want to be 90 now!

It doesn't help when I discovered the farm and after completing all the parts that I could and doing some research I realized I'd need to be level 90 to keep working on my Tiller's rep. I find it a little difficult to realize that I originally had no interest in farming. I live on a farm so why would I want to spend my spare time farming? But it's so easy to do and takes so little care and in an easy to reach location. And it's right by the cooking trainers! The cooking is pretty amazing. All these different specializations that need to be leveled separately. I want to have them all leveled! I didn't think Tyledres would be able to level cooking but discovered the trainer that had special recipes and material to help you get caught up on your cooking. It would be nice if all professions had such a trainer. Although fishing would come close since you can find a nice trainer by the water and stand there and keep casting until your leveled. Boring but doable.

Pet battles is one of the features I was most excited about but I haven't done much with them yet. I think part of it is my insane desire to level all my pets. Or at least a lot of them. I have 3 level 5 and a level 3 and I've done one master battle. I could do another one but I'm more interested in catching rares and leveling. Come to think of it, I've never finished any of my pokemon games. I like to get 5 levels for every pet between boss battles. Sometimes even more levels. So I spend my time wandering in the grass and killing wilds. Which is fine when you only have 5 pokemon but when you start getting 20 of them it starts taking longer to level them. And some of the pokemon can't level themselves (Magikarp) or is week against the current mobs and have to be leveled using the 1/2 level xp gain. That takes awhile. Eventually I get bored and play something else. Only to come back with the goal of finishing only to spend more time leveling pokemon. I'm very much afraid that's what my pet battling will become. And I have guildies who think I'm joking when I say I like leveling. Heh.

JD has asked that others put together a pink outfit for Breast Cancer Awareness. I've spent some time playing with mogit and I have ideas for a plate and cloth outfit but I don't think I'll be able to get the pieces I'll need to wear it. I'm hoping for better inspiration with leather and mail. If nothing else I'll be better prepared for next year.

That's pretty much what's been going on with me lately. I think my writing has been going downhill. But I also don't feel like I have many thoughts just a drive to get to 90 so I can start leveling something else XD

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