Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Farming for pets

When I first heard about having a farm on Wow I was pretty sure it wasn't something I'd be interested in. Wow pets on the other hand was sure to be my newest addiction. I was only half right.

Farming is strangely addicting. Half-hill is in a decent location and isn't just the farmers but all the cooking trainers as well. I really like how well cooking and farming work together. And I find that I'm putting priority on my tiller's dailies over my other ones. Opps. I should be working on the bugs and golden lotus or something. But I also want to get more crops! And I can finally plant Songbell's or whatever they're called and get motes of harmony. That'll be a big help with my blacksmithing. Although I should still get my druid's alchemy leveled since I'll need living steel.

Anyway I managed to raise my Tiller's rep high enough that I can plant 12 seeds. Which is pretty nice. It means I can do Farmer Yoon's quest and still have enough spots to get enough motes to get one spirit of harmony a day. If nothing else it'll help with buying the pvp crafted gear recipes. I think I have more motes spent in my thoughts than I've earned. But the other day I picked up an unusual item along with my crops. An  ominous seed. I had no idea what it was for and I was a little afraid of planting it but figured my curiosity wouldn't rest until I found out what it grew into. I know I could have just looked it up on Wowhead, but I didn't think it was anything outside the ordinary. When I came back the next day I harvested it and saw terrible turnip. Bummer. Just another crop and not a good one I guess. Than I looked at the tooltip and saw, "use:teaches you to summon this pet" What!?! Pet!!!! After finding it in my bags I saw that the Terrible turnip was indeed a pet. So I learned it. Than realized it wasn't soulbound. I could have sold it! Than I thought about it. Would I have sold it. Nope. No way. No chance. I'm not a very big pet collector but I am one. Since I didn't have this pet yet I would have learned it anyway but if I get another one it's going on the auction house.

It's a terrible turnip!

I was a bit surprised to learn that the turnip is also a battle pet and it's blue quality so it'll probably get leveled. At least a little bit. I finally started getting into pet battling this weekend. I keep changing my pets around. I started battling with my monk Geshi. Geshi is about level 14 now but I thought she'd be good because she would be in the area's I'd see the pets at and I can just battle pets while I leveled.

I love pet addons and one that I really like is petbattleglow. It's supposed to show you the quality of the pet you're battling. Unfortunately I don't have it uptodate and I also didn't realize that. I was going around and wondering why there were so many common and poor quality pets in Westfall and than it hit me. Maybe the addon wasn't on. I took a look and saw that it was on but it was out of date and I didn't have load out of date addons on. I definitely felt a little silly.

 I decided to get my mage for some more pet battling because she'd have the fastest transportation to all the different areas. A few quick teleport spells and battles and she had managed to win a battle in all of the Alliance cities. I also took her to Azuremyst and Bloodmyst to at least catch one of each pet there. I wanted to catch more rares but my first priority was to catch one of each kind. I also discovered something cool. When I was battling the plague squirrels I was really excited about catching one only to ko it. Opps. Than it came back to life and I was able to capture it than. Mechanical and undead catching just became a bit easier although with the undead you better hope your crate doesn't miss or you'll lose your pet anyway. Guess I should get to leveling the turnip for the attack that won't kill stuff.

I also got addicted to pvp pet battles. My first battle was terrible. I'm pretty sure I can still hear my opponent's laughter. But it was a good learning experience. I did much better after that. My main battling team is a sprite darter hatchling, pandarian monk, and voodoo figurine. I can do really good until I come against a spirit of competition or the celestial dragon. Or really any long Asian looking dragon. I'm not sure if there's more of them but those little dragons are beastly. I'll still have to experiment some more.

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