Friday, October 12, 2012


It feels like forever since I last wrote something. Where does time go?

Anyway I got Tyledres to level 90. Yay! And I was able to start running heroics right from the start. I was surprised by that. I had leveled mostly though questing running a few normal dungeons but mostly just questing. I was surprised that I could go from questing right to heroics. I remember it being painfully difficult to get the gear to go from regular dungeons to heroics in Cata and that it did take some time in Wrath as well.

I finally realized the real pain isn't getting gear to run heroics but getting gear for raid finder or even raiding. Bleh. Tyledres is a blacksmith and a miner and I had actually managed to get her professions to a high enough level before Mists was released that I could learn the Zen Master stuff. I have maxed professions but I still can't make my gear. I need motes to make spirits of harmony to get 8 of them. And I need living steel which is only available from transmutes. Which is expensive. And I need 8 of them. The transmutes cost spirits of harmony to make and they are soulbound so even if I could find an alchemist to transmute for me I still would have to pay a price for the transmute beyond that of the mats since I would only be putting forth some of the mats. I suppose if I wasn't so impatient it wouldn't be so bad. But I want stuff now!

So I've taken Aritâ into the starting zone to start picking flowers and leveling her alchemy. I should probably change her from a potion master to a transmute one. Living steel will be pretty important for making belt sockets if nothing else.

I guess I'll just have to get used to the idea that I'm starting over. I don't have my comfortable army of alts at max level and with some decent gear on them. I have one level 90 and I'm pushing to get her to a level I'm comfortable with. But I think it's good too. When Cata started I didn't really feel the need to be maxed level and I wasn't concerned about getting gear. I feel some of the same excitement that I felt in Wrath. I want to experience it all and I want to see it all now!

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