Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween tonight and since I'm not going to be dressing up and going anywhere so I thought I'd at least get one of my toons in a festive mood. Thankfully Lillium's pirate costume managed to get itself pulled together at the last moment.

Lillium's Pirate Outfit
I started this outfit with the red bandana. I love the bandana helms. They are a weakness of mine and I wish there were more of them. Cloth has a few other bandanas such as this almost pink-purple one and a white one but the red one really caught my eye and I decided to build a pirate outfit around it. The chestpiece was my next step. I didn't want to go with the expected loose shirt look and when I saw this chespiece I thought it was perfect. It looks like it's leather which would offer a little bit of protection when fighting and since it's tight it wouldn't get caught on anything. Than I could put the billowing shirt underneath for a layered look. But I quickly realized that I couldn't get the billowing sleeves because the bracers would cover them up. But thankfully they had a set of bracers that matched the design. If you're looking to just roleplay than you can toss the bracers off but when she's ready to fight not having trailing sleeves would work better. For the pants I was looking for red to tie back to the bandana and these where what I liked best and the belt had all the colors of this look in it. For the boots there was really only one choice for me. I loved the Buccaneer's Boots and there's nothing else that's quite like them. There's a few that share a similar look but aren't the black color and there are black boots with a different shape but I really wanted the black pirate boots. Lastly Lillium needed a weapon. Most of the time you think of pirates with swords and guns but since Lillium is a priest I wasn't able to use those. I thought of having her carry a torch but thought I'd look and see what staffs might look like a suitable club. Thankfully the Wrath zones provided a variety of practical looking sticks to beat people with.

I'm very happy with how this turned out and I'm going to have to think of switching my priest to heals to show this off. Hmm... a holy pirate, that sounds rather like a sober dwarf.

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  1. Oh wow, that puts Elcombe's day to day transmog outfit to shame.

    Very nice!