Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Azeroth Share Post - Rules of me

This week on Blog Azeroth the shared topic from Mataoka is:
The Rules of Me: What are your personal rules you wish others would know about you?

What would I like people to know about me? Hmm... well
1. I tend to be a quiet person. Even after six years I have yet to master the art of typing and playing at the same time. I can do it, but I'm not going to be fast. Part of this is that if it's someone who doesn't understand my weird, sarcastic, deranged sense of humor I could come across as mean, insensitive, or as something I don't intend. I tend to come across that way sometimes to people I do know but I can usually talk to them and explain what I was trying to do. Sarcasm doesn't come across very well in type but when I type quickly that is my first response so I have to double-check what I send to people I don't know as well.

2. Invite me along I'll likely say "yes" but if I say "no" please don't badger me. I love doing stuff with people usually. I'm not very good at inviting people along or saying what it is I want to do but if someone wants to run old raids, dungeons, heroics, etc. I'm game! I'll happily follow along wherever you want to go. But there are times when I say I don't want to. They are rare but I usually have a reason for doing so. I'm not blowing you off. Instead it's likely I have plans to do something with someone else soon, something planned in real life, or there's something I'm trying to achieve in game that I really don't want to put off. 


3. I really don't like unsolicited advice about my toons. Maybe you do indeed know better but telling me I'm wrong and I need to do stuff this way will make me dig in my heels and be stubborn. Yes, I will spite myself to get my way. Instead approach me with the idea about considering something. For example instead of saying 2H frost is much better than DW for PvP ask instead if I've ever tried it and if I'd consider giving it a try. I'm more likely to consider the suggestion. I'll come around to your way of thinking much sooner.

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  1. LOL I do like that 3rd point. I can relate to that... heels digging in and all.