Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still Leveling

Shiny Dragon! Finally mine!
Between school and  work I haven't had much time for playing wow recently so Tyledres is still working on leveling. Currently at level 87. Still have a lot of leveling left. But the new zones are so very pretty. And I love looking at the architecture and the scenery and just everything.

Gorgeous. Amazing. And the dungeons are a blast. They're so much easier than the cata dungeons. Not that they're cake and you can ignore boss mechanics but you don't have to spend more time trying to remove trash than you do killing bosses. There are some disadvantages to easy trash though. The dps are impatient and seem to think that they should pull for me. Nothing peeves me off more than trying to catch my bearings only to have the mage running ahead and pulling 20 mobs. Bleh. It would be nice if they would ask me to pick up the pace instead of pulling for me. But once I'm familiar with a dungeon I don't seem to have that trouble but I think it's also because I'll chain pull and even pull several groups at once. I like pulling a bazillion mobs and running though things as fast as I can but not on my first attempt at a new place. Besides I figure when I'm leveling there might be others who would appreciate a slower pace so they can indulge their senses because these instances are just as pretty as the questing area. I think I did one that was in an outdoor zone. A monastery or something. I can't remember much about it though because the one time I did it I spent the entire time running after the mage, swearing profanities, and praying that the healer would keep me up because I know I was standing in stuff that I should have been avoiding but I was too busy trying to keep up with the mage to figure out what I was doing. I hate feeling like I have to scramble to keep with with dps when I'm the tank. It's a fun challenge to be chasing down the tank when I'm heals or dps but to be chasing after others as the tank is more frustrating than anything.

Ok, I'm done ranting. But I've enjoyed my other groups. I particularly enjoyed running Stormstout Brewery and the Jade Temple with a group that was entirely guildies. My guild has been so close to being inactive for so long it's such a pleasure to log in and see 10 or more people on. And guild chat has been busy as well. But I'm trying not to feel to optimistic. It's a new expansion. Traffic  picks up after something new is released but than tapers off. So far only one guildie has reached 90 but the rest of us are working. We weren't planning on being the first ones to 90 or being the first guild to finish the raids. We're just going to work on getting it done in our own time.

I haven't done much with pet battles. I named my feline familiar Tuttle, my clockwork rocket bot Dalek, and leveled them both to 5 along with my Spritedarter Hatchling. I've also gotten my creepy crate to level 3. I mostly just wanted to get the last few pets I needed to get  the Celestial Dragon. I've mostly just been working on leveling my death knight.

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