Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adjusting to Change

With the start of school I've been pretty busy with work and homework to spend much time in WoW. Which was a little frustrating because I wanted to get into the game and see all the neat changes that have taken place. But than came the three-day weekend. Horray for Labor Day! And I finally got a chance to take my toons for a spin.

This is not Zul'Gurub. I unfortuantely don't have
pictures from there. Instead I present a lovely
one from inside Old Kingdom.

I started with Tyledres and I love that she can choose to either DW or use a 2-hander without changing her spec. I haven't tried frost in any pve though. I took Tyledres into the battlegrounds instead. Some of my guildmates warned me that I wasn't going to have much fun. I'm glad to say they were wrong. Sure I didn't win any of the games I played but I had a blast running around killing hordies. It was fascinating to realize that I could tell who had good pvp gear and who was running with pve gear since I could tell with one howling blast.

Having played two games I moved on to looking at my other toons and trying to pick talents for them but I felt a little lost so I decided to play my horde pally and run dungeons for awhile.

Monday I was going to try leveling my hunter with a friend's priest but he was having trouble logging on. I was in Stonetalon which left me confused because I have no idea why Sitroh would be there. Deciding to make the most of my time while my friend tried to sort out his problems with the game I decided to see if there was anything interesting to tame. I now have a beautiful, ghostly green bird. Finally my friend decided he was going to have to uninstall wow and than reinstall it. So I finally decided to finally go see what I could do with the druid.

Arita and I were at the Darkmoon Faire when I saw that Shoryl of Tiny WoW Guild was online. She had mentioned previously that if I wanted to run heroics with her to give her a tell. So I asked if she'd be interested in running something with me. She agreed but she mentioned that she hadn't run very many of them yet. So I decided to grab Hortis, my pally, so that I could heal while she tanked. And than we qued up.

We got Zul'Gurub. I think the troll dungeons are really hard to get though unless most of the group know what they're doing. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get into groups where that's been the case lately. The first boss is one of the harder ones, I think, because you really have to make sure you don't stand in anything green. If you don't have the path of the green goo memorized you could find yourself stuck into a corner with no way out. Apparently you also have to tell new tanks not to tank the boss on the staircase up to his alter. While I tried to keep Shoryl and the death knight dps up, the green mists there managed to win. That left just me and a hunter who knew his stuff since our third dps was no where to be found. Amazingly enough the hunter and his pet where easy enough to heal and he managed to almost kill the boss before something happened and he died. But the boss was so close to dead that whatever dots the hunter put up along with the denouncement my pally cast that the boss died. I felt pretty elated by that win.

The rest of the bosses went pretty well with only the final boss giving up any real trouble. The first attempt was pretty close but the next few were flops. I think Shoryl and I where feeling some frustration since we where losing the fight because of dps not doing what they were supposed to, such as stand on the chains and not killing the bezerker. But we stuck it out and eventually we managed to get it. By that time Shoryl had to go and I was left to my own devises but I didn't really do much after that.

It's been pretty fun finally seeing everything that I've been working on and I've managed to snag some new achievements. Classic dungeonmaster being one of them, over 9000 being another. But I found myself still short 2 achievements for Glory of the Dungeon Hero. Tonight was one of Shoryl's LBD days but it's been pretty quite since it was just the two of us. But we started in Oculus and I ran on my priest since she just needed to ride the ruby drake to get the drake handler achievement. Shoryl was on the green one. After that I switched to my shaman and we went to VH where we got the Void Achievement and Shoryl managed to get all the VH bosses killed. Than we went to Halls of Lightening and managed to pick up all the achievements from there. Shoryl also managed to get the achievement for completing all the heroic LK dungeons. So it was a pretty fun night. I know Shoryl said she really wants to get the 5 people need so I can get my last achievement Share the Love from Gundrak for next week. I also think she wants to do Zombiefest.

Anyway, was looking at the mogolympics on Amateur Azerothian and JD has posted the closing ceremonies! It was really exciting and even more amazing was that he picked one of my outfits for a judge's choice award! My druid javelin look! I know that when I posted about it I've begun to really rethink my choices but now I think maybe I shouldn't be rethinking them. I'm proud of what I came up with and while I might rethinking my choices I also have a feeling I'd end up picking the same items again anyway since I did go though each entry many times to make sure everything was perfect.

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