Monday, September 10, 2012

Why do you play your spec? Rogue

Changing realms is no fun when your name is already taken
So what to do? Add a different character

My last post went over the tale of how Arita became a feral druid and I think my rogue Ursa would be the logical next choice since her tale is very connected to Arita's.

Arita was my first toon and I had made a lot of mistakes with her. Eventually I came to realize just how much I'd messed up. I was really reluctant to delete Arita but I didn't know if I could push her forward either. So I spent my time creating new alts, playing them for a day or two, and than deleting them. Ursa was different. 

When I created my rogue I was determined to name my characters after stars, constellations, and other space stuff since I was attempting an astronomy course. The naming never went much beyond Ursa and I have since realized my dislike of online classes. But part of what my Ursa different from some of the other alts was that I put as much time and thought into her appearance as I did Arita's. I love the night elves and when clicking through the different hair and skin colors I hit upon the idea of a red skinned elf with green hair. I loved the idea that they were bright flashy colors for a class that's all about blending into the shadows.

Leveling Ursa was a blast too. I enjoyed stealthing though areas and I was able to kill things so quickly, at least compared to what my druid was doing. I was in love with Ursa and I was determined that she would be leveled properly. I picked a spec and made sure I put all my talents into it. I chose combat since it made the most sense to me. The idea that the off-hand weapon would hit harder and a few other talents seemed really straightforward compared to the other two trees. I managed to get into dungeons with her and I watched to make sure any gear she replaced had more agility on it. I also had a very strict plan of earning a set amount of gold per level. I wanted to make sure that my rogue would be able to buy a mount and the riding when she hit level forty.

I don't think I was the best or most efficient leveler. I spent a lot of time wandering around picking pockets and I made sure to keep my poisonmaking and lockpicking skills maxed out along with leatherworking and skinning. Making sure I had all these abilities leveled took time since I wasn't spending any gold on anything. 

About level 50ish I took turns leveling both Ursa and the druid until they were both level 62 and I learned about the next expansion. I really wanted to have a max level character by the time Wrath was released. So I decided to stop leveling Arita and focus on the rogue. I choose to level Ursa because she had the two different riding skills and was putting in a good effort to save up for flying. I felt confident that when she hit level 70 I would be able to get a flying mount for her but Arita still didn't have any riding skills. And Ursa was easier to level because she could kill things faster. With that choice made I settled down and leveled Ursa. Things went well and the week before Wrath was released I had reached level 70 and realized there was nothing for my rogue to do. She couldn't get into any dungeons because she lacked the rep, key, and gear. And no one would even think about taking her for a raid. So I went back to leveling my druid.

When Wrath was released the talents where wiped and I had to pick a spec. I leveled though Northrend as a Sub rogue. I didn't enjoy it. I stuck with it in the hope it'd get better but I was miserable. I wasn't killing anything quickly and I felt that I was not contributing anything to any of the dungeons I ran. I had a friend in my guild who told me it'd get better and raids would love me for the ability to crowd control. Go ahead, laugh, Crowd Control during Wrath? 

Anyway, I did attempt to take Ursa to Naxx but I really felt like I wasn't doing much. I also felt confused trying to figure out what was wrong with my rogue. I had trouble getting into heroics because I couldn't pull off any decent amount of dps and so I couldn't get gear. It was frustrating. I felt like the time when I almost deleted Arita. But my guild was looking for healers and I jumped at the chance of being able to contribute something. So I got to leveling her and left my rogue sitting and collecting dust.

Eventually Blizzard released some buffs to rogues and I decided to give Ursa another try. I wasn't liking sub so I switched her spec to Assassination. Than I realized I need 2 daggers to be able to play it. I changed her to combat and tried playing her again. I wasn't liking combat too much but it was better than sub but eventually I managed to get Ursa 2 daggers and I decided to give Assassination a real try this time. I loved it. Mutilate! Mutilate! Mutilate! I love watching Ursa lunge into the boss with that attack. It's one of my favorite animations. It's also has a rotation to maintain that I enjoy. I like that idea of envenom also refreshing slice and dice. It's nice to just set the buff and than go about the task of killing stuff. 

Cata has changed the rotation a bit but since it still used Mutilate so much I still really enjoy it. I've been very lucky with Ursa so far because the best weapons she's gotten have always been daggers. I've bought her duel-spec when the cost of it decreased but I've never used it except to set it up. I did try Ursa out on one run and I still like her as assassination. I really enjoy my rogue but I don't think I play her as often as I might like. She's done raid-finder once or twice but mostly my rogue spends her days in quite retirement opening up lockboxes. 

I suppose if I were to rate my toons from my favorite to least favorite Arita would be number two and Ursa would be number five. 

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