Saturday, September 22, 2012

Theramore Scenario Finished

Tonight I managed to complete the Theramore Scenario on all of my 85s. I wasn't certain that I would manage to get my horde Arita's ilvl up but though some cheap auction house finds, a little luck, and a lot of prayer I managed to sneak it to the right level.

I had been very curious to see how the two events compared. There are some similarities.


If you have a choice you should start with the horde event and than follow to the Alliance one since it picks up right where the horde leaves off. I feel like this was supposed to be a 3-part story with the horde being one part the alliance being another the the first chapter is missing somewhere. I understand that it's part of the book and I think it's neat that Blizzard is trying to tie together the lore from stories into the game. I just don't think it worked very well. I haven't read the book and I'm not sure if I'm going to read it. I've read a little bit about what's happened but I still feel a little lost about what's going on.

But horde event first!
Apparently there was some battle at Theramore and you're in the army and they've just lost or something. And somebody important was captured. At least I assume he's important otherwise I don't imagine we'd be trying to stage a rescue. Our first stop is the docks of Theramore to do something with gun powder. Sorry for being so imprecise I've only run the even once. Since nothing exploded I've no idea what we were doing with the gun powder. But we went to a lot of ships. I'm thinking six but I could be wrong. Than we headed into Theramore. Killed some gryphons, snuck behind some buildings and killed some tanks, and than went into the fortress and killed more guards and found a blood elf prisoner. (I'm having death knight flash backs but I like Koltira's much better than whoever we rescued even if he did makes us a portal. Speaking of Koltira, I really hope we learn what's happened to him, I'm worried for him.) And than the cut scene with the goblins and the bomb.

I'm not too sure what the horde are doing. I get that we're rescuing this blood elf for whatever reason. And the first part is about fighting our way towards him although the killing the tanks thing confused me a little. Because it seemed like we went out of our way to get them and the horde had to realize there was a bomb coming so why would they be worried about taking out these tanks? Wouldn't you want to get your prisoner out as fast and efficiently as possible?

But this get us to the Alliance event.
The Alliance starts with the cut scene the horde end with and we begin on a boat. I feel like there's some pieces missing here. The bomb came and from what I understand is that everyone on Theramore died. But it looks like it somehow missed the horde because they seem pretty well settled into occupying the former city. I guess they were just prepared to take over when the city was destroyed while the Alliance had to spend some time scrambling to get together a force to... repel the horde? Recover the artifact? I'm sure it must be a bit of both.

We go from our boat to the docks and destroy 3 horde ships. Blowing stuff up is nice. And we kill some hordies and than more hordies. Than we're off to find Jania. Who's waiting by the mana bomb. Although I guess it's not a mana bomb but an artifact. I'm guessing Jania was the first to arrive and she's guarding the bomb until helps arrives to remove it. And she can't just kill everyone or something... I heard she almost destroyed Orgrimmar I wonder how they managed to keep her from destroying all those idiots occupying Theramore because if she's mad I don't image that she'd be happy iceblocking everyone but would rather just take her revenge. But she sends us off to get some flags and kill a tank. I'm still not sure why we're worried about a tank. Than we return to Jania and kill some more Hordies. And watch Jania get royally mad.  It's odd. Jania has faced a lot but she's always maintained her cool. It's not that she's emotionless it's just she doesn't seem to get mad. But this is a very good reason to want revenge.

Overall the events were an interesting chance to see what scenario's will be like. Tuesday coming soon and while I don't expect to be able to play right away I'm hoping that the weekend will be a good chance for me to do some leveling in Pandaria. And make a monk, get some bet battling. I should probably try and make sure I have an idea of what I'm going to do so I don't try and overload myself.

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