Monday, September 17, 2012

Why do you play your spec? - Other druid

Arita. My last 85. While my hordie Arita was actually my 5th level 85, she's also the one that has seen the least amount of play time. One of the biggest reasons is that she's not on the same server as most of my other toons so it's easy to forget about her but also because I already have a druid.

Arita was started at the end of Wrath and was actually a good way though Northrend when Cata dropped. I had some friends on the horde side on that server I wanted to play with and even toyed with the idea of making my new Arita my new main. But than my friends decided that they were going to quit wow and I found myself hordie was all alone. So I went back to the alliance where I knew more people. I did finish leveling Arita but than she sat around unused.

When I was leveling Arita I leveled her as resto and balance. I didn't want to play feral/feral since that's what my alliance Arita is. The balance spec didn't last long. I didn't truely enjoy playing it. Instead I managed to cobble together a feral set and figured I'd use the spec to level as tank/dps and I could que up as all 3 roles. I gave balance another try in Outlands, Northrend, and even Cata but I couldn't seem to get though a level without throwing in the towel and changing the spec back.

At 85 Arita had a feral/feral spec but still had a fairly equal quality of intellect leather in her bags. She was parked in Orgrimmar and sat collecting dust until I started joining in JD's Laid Back Raids. Some weeks the raids are for alliance and other weeks they're for the horde. So I joined into the horde side with Arita. She was terrible. I had to remind myself that she was going into the raid in fresh 85 gear. It didn't really help.

Than can the talent changes and I really wanted to try the new balance celestal glyph and to run around in my tree form as resto. So I changed Arita's spec to Balance/Resto. I spent some time setting up healing addons and trying to find any gear on the auction house and than inflicted my newbiness on some randoms. Somehow I managed to get though a few heroics and even managed to pick up 2 achievements that I didn't have before. I was too busy enoying being a tree to really give balance a try until the laid back raid.

I do feel a little terrible for having very little idea of how to play my spec but I don't think it'd have matter too much anyway. But I think I have a better idea now. It's interesting. I'm not sure if I can stick to playing balance but it's a good time for trying new things right now and soon there will be some changes as to how your specs will play anyway.

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