Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why you play your class? Priest

My priest Lillium was the third toon I managed to get to max level. I had started her and was leveling her as a holy priest but I left her abandoned in Tanaris.

Eventually Wrath was released and I enjoyed playing my druid. Arita started off as a healer but I eventually switched her to tank/heals and than to tank/dps. But I found that there where some pugs I couldn't get into because I wasn't ranged or heals. So I decided to try leveling my priest again.

I logged onto Lillium and realized that she didn't have any talents yet. I remember how painful it was to level Artia as a healer so I made Lillium a shadow priest and fell in love with her. I love shadow form. Being a purple writing mass of shadowy magic appealed to me. I also discovered that she didn't have any problems getting groups and was still able to heal fairly well as a shadow priest.

I had put the glyph that makes the bubble heal and bubbled the tank at the start of each fight. That along with renew usually took care of any healing I needed to do. I could also still cast the spells I needed to activate replenishment. And when she reached Outlands she was able to replenish mana even easier by using dispersion.

I didn't feel brave enough to try to heal any of the Northrend dungeons as shadow but I was able to manage to scrape together enough gold to get Lillium Duel-spec. I choose holy because it made more sense to me than disc. While I could heal with Lillium I didn't enjoy it. I eventually changed her to a holy/disc priest so I could attempt to try playing both heal specs and try to find which one I enjoyed more. I still hadn't picked a favorite when the talents where reset for Cata.

Lillium is now a disc/shadow priest. I love shadow and still really enjoy it. While I can heal with her it's still not a spec I really enjoy playing. I've picked disc mostly because atonement appealed to me along with using bubbles. I haven't tried it since the Mist's talent changes but I have tried her as shadow and I'm still really like the spec. But I don't think Lillium is going to be more than a glorified auction toon. I use her to try and sort all the stuff that I find on my toons and to DE and post auctions. She does an occasional run through some dungeons but uselly spends all her time in a city running errands.

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  1. Disc is supposed to be really awesome now post patch! I wonder if you'll enjoy it even more now?