Monday, September 17, 2012

Why do you play your spec? - Mage

I seem to be running out of toons to talk about. The only 85 I have left after this is my other Arita. She's a druid too. It seems the only naming scheme I have is to reuse names for the same classes on different servers. So I have my Korgath alliance Arita and than my Dunemaul horde Arita. But this isn't about those other toons. Today I wanted to talk about Azilem my mage.

I'm still surprised I have an 85 mage. My first attempt at a mage didn't get past level 5. Glass cannon indeed. My previous attempts as a mage typically had me spending more time trying to find my corpse, again, than it did me actually killing stuff. Until I made Azilem, my highest level mage was level 25 and I thought that was a fantastic achievement. I had dabbled in the different specs but I spent a lot of time dying.

Than I discovered the concept of pulling at maximum range with frostbolt. And than hopefully having the  mob killed by the time it reached my squishy little mage. I also had a friend who told me to level frost. So I leveled frost. Made it much easier since I didn't have to worry about any other spell than frostbolt. At least not at first.

Somehow she reached level 60 and I had a friend who wanted to level a healer and had a shaman around the same level so we leveled up together. He also told me that while frost was fine for leveling by myself if we were going to be running dungeons he wanted me to take a better dps spec. So after taking a look and reading about arcane and fire I choose fire. Mostly because the idea of managing mana was a scary thought for me. And Pryoblast! is such fun.

But I haven't really played my mage much at max level. Sure she can run RF and do some bg's but I definitely enjoy my melee toons more. Instead Azilem spends her time looking nice and making portals for guildies.

I do have one fun story to relate about the new changes. I had picked some talents and than took her to Dustwallow Marsh. I'm not sure why I did that. But I had heard from somewhere the frost was supposed to be decent to use in pve so I decided I wanted to give it a try. I logged onto my mage and wondered why I was in Tharamore. I was setting up her frost spec when I saw that the guards where running around. I quickly realized that a rogue was attacking the tower! I wasn't sure about attacking him but he soon took the decision from my hands when he tried to stunlock me down. I love iceblock. If I couldn't do anything I might as well not be getting hurt while not doing anything. Followed by a quick blink away and shortly there was one dead rogue. I figure part of this was because Pain was attacking him so I figured I should try to get away. Only to find myself stunned again. Frost Snap and Ice Block again. And the rogue was dead again. I was now finding this pretty funny so I decided to stick around. Normally I see a rogue and they scare me because a well-played rogue is pretty nasty. A good frost mage can do some mean stuff too. But I figured it was one terrible rogue because I shouldn't have been winning. Of our 5 battles Azilem won 4. There are times when I think being on a pvp server isn't much fun and than something like this happens and I realize just how awesome it can be. Provided the other people are worse than me. I never did get around to doing a dungeon but I felt that frost was still a spec that I'd want to hold onto simply because I could now remember that one time I beat a rogue.

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